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Why You Should Consider LinkedIn Automation and What are Its Benefits?

benefits of using linkedin automation

Given the technological developments occurring throughout the world, automation is indeed the next big change waiting to take place. Already most of the mega-companies and world’s businesses have started using automation for smooth execution of their processes. According to 2019 study, 75% of the marketers were using automation. And, this number has significantly increased today given the little chance of error. Automation let us do things quickly, affordably, and accurately. It is being used everywhere right from social media analytics, customer service to digital marketing and sales. This is where LinkedIn business automation tools help you gain an edge.

LinkedIn automation tools hold a special place in the automation world. With lead generation being the ultimate goal of every business, LinkedIn automation helps achieve this objective in a better and more organized way. Where most automation tools provide raw data and statistics that are needed to be processed further to derive the required result, LinkedIn automation offer real-time insights into various sales campaigns. On top of that, it enables you to make genuine connections which are essential to maintain the level of human bonding in sales. These tools automatically analyze suitable profiles and send automated invites or requests for connection with a personalized connection request message. This significantly reduces the user’s efforts since they don’t have to search across millions of profiles for a suitable connection.

The benefits of using LinkedIn for business are immense. Not only are these tools faster but they also help in smooth expansion of your business. The popularity LinkedIn has gained as a professional social platform over these years is unmatched. It offers wide range of opportunities to connect with and reach out to other professionals to enhance your customer engagement levels and grow your network.

Here, let us look at how LinkedIn automation is important and how it has changed lives and is yet to impact more.

Importance of LinkedIn Automation

  • Automation is a key driving force that helps you as a professional and your business to concentrate on conversations since it is important to build relationships. It focuses on amplifying interactions that help to build professional bonds. It aptly analyzes your target audience and initiates required measures to make connections.

  • An efficient company will always have a pool of leads. It is often difficult to manage such large number of leads. This is where automation streamlines the things for you. It helps to manage a huge pool of leads quickly and accurately. Automation makes visiting profiles, sending connection request messages, and developing further connections easy even if you have more than thousand leads.

  • When you automate search and connections, it becomes easier to expand your network seamlessly. It also builds brand awareness and loyalty quite quickly.

What are LinkedIn Automation Tools For?

Automation can smooth up almost any LinkedIn process. It can be used by both individuals and organizations to automate any action on the platform. From creating and publishing personalized content to maximizing lead generation, automation has got everything covered. It has gained a lot of traction for outbound sales. Using LinkedIn automation, salespeople can reach out to more potential customers in less time, leading to better conversions.

Today, automation is developing into a powerful weapon which when used correctly and to its fullest potential, can smooth up the whole sales process while boosting your sales on LinkedIn. Automation can help you analyze and detect the suitable leads for your ideas, send request messages as well as follow-up messages, and finally provide extensive insights and real-time statistics regarding your success rate in a particular campaign.

What are the Different Types of LinkedIn Automation Tools?

Since LinkedIn automation tools have gained so much popularity, these tools can be split into several categories for the ease of the user. There are specific tools for specific tasks that will let you achieve your targets in a better way.

Let us take a deeper look at the types of LinkedIn automation tools currently available.

  • Automated Publishing and Analytics Tool It is one of the most basic types of LinkedIn automation tools. This helps you create content that can be scheduled as well as published on the platform directly. On top of content management, it also provides you with real-time stats and data regarding the posted content. These tools provide suggestions based on the performance of the content and hence you can derive specifically curated reports.

  • Automated Connection Tools These are those tools that specifically look after making connections on LinkedIn. These tools automate the process of analyzing suitable profiles, sending them connection requests, and looking after the whole process of connection. As we all know, connections are the most important thing on LinkedIn, which helps to expand the network. Thus, using automated connection tools will ease out the process of building a network.

  • Automated Extractor Tool Data extraction is an important step while generating useful leads. Using an automated extractor tool can help you extract crucial data from any LinkedIn component including groups, comments on a post, reactions on a post, and much more.

  • Automated Lead Generation Tools If you are using LinkedIn as a platform for sales development, the automated lead generation tool can be really helpful. Since lead generation is an integral part of sales, you can automate that process to perform more and generate better leads. It analyzes thousands of profiles from various industries and lists all the relevant profiles for connection. Using a lead generation tool can not only make task easier but also makes it happen quickly.

  • Automated Activity Tools It is one of the newest inclusions in the list of automation tools that handle your regular LinkedIn activity. It takes care of all general activities like posting, liking, personalized commenting, and much more. The main aim behind this tool is to reduce human effort and save time so that users can concentrate more on making meaningful connections.

What are the Benefits of Using an Automation Tool for LinkedIn?

LinkedIn automation is currently taking over the world, owning to its ease of use, advanced features, and the amount of time it saves for professionals. The popularity is growing like a wildfire and people are interested in it more than ever. It lets you connect safely and effectively while expanding your network and bringing in valuable new industry contacts. So let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using LinkedIn automation.

Frees Up Your Time and Resources

As a salesperson, creating and expanding the network is by far the most crucial element when working on LinkedIn. Though professional bonds and networks can be built through direct engagement, it indeed takes time as it involves thorough research, analysis, and sending connection requests and follow-up messages. This is where automation plays an important role as it frees up some of the most crucial time as well as resources while you work as a professional. It automates the entire process where you can simultaneously use LinkedIn tools to build relationships while focusing on your core duties.

Warming Up Your Profile

Spamming unnecessarily is not allowed on LinkedIn. If LinkedIn notices any sort of spamming, it can suspend or even ban your account. There is a limit to the number of connection requests you can send in a day. Again, spamming would not help you to develop your network. That is why business automation tools have been designed as per the LinkedIn rules and policies where they exactly know all the limitations of the platform and perform accordingly.

Precise Targeting

Researching through a pool of accounts on your own and determining the perfect recipient for a lead can be quite challenging. But it is no more a challenge with LinkedIn automation tools that are quite helpful in this scenario. They use special techniques to find highly qualified leads quickly. The availability of advanced filters and smart search options allow you to filter through a huge list of possible prospects. One of the interesting filter options is the Boolean search where you can use various keywords and set the search accordingly.

Tracking Analytics

The analytics and statistics dashboard provided in LinkedIn is limited and does not accommodate a lot of information. The insights and data provided here are quite basic and nothing effective. So it does not help you in any way and limits your network’s expansion and growth. However, an advanced LinkedIn automation tool provides you with advanced analytics and data regarding all the processes you run on LinkedIn. It provides a detailed overview and assists you to take further decisions accordingly.

Build Your Network

Since its intervention, automation has played a vital role in helping users expand their connections and network. It has also looked after the quality of the network built along with saving valuable time and resources. The automation tools extensively leverage brand awareness and outreach alongside building a loyal lead base. Further, the right automation tool can also improve the quality and reach of your content. Here is a list of the different types of content that can be extensively used for maximum reach and engagement:

  • Posts
  • Comments on posts
  • Direct messages
  • Profile pages
  • Profile summaries
  • Headlines

Compound Connection Growth

This is a highly effective strategy that can be well implemented with the help of automation tools where you can set the tool with an upper limit for new connection requests per day as set by LinkedIn. Set the tool for the desired number of profiles to be visited each day. As a result, you will receive profile views from some of these contacts, thus, optimizing your LinkedIn profile to generate new connections.

LinkedIn Automation for Your Business

Automation is for all, be it a brand, a team within a company, or an individual. So here is a detailed classification of how different departments and categories can use LinkedIn automation to its fullest capacity.

LinkedIn Automation for Marketing Teams

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms considered by core marketers. Marketers extensively use LinkedIn to create a solid and long-lasting identity online. They use automation tools to find suitable accounts and convert them into customers of their organization through a direct connection.

LinkedIn has always acted as a bridge between the customers and the brands and organizations. It is a platform that provides a base as well as a method to connect with other people. All of this is done by engaging with a target audience, propagating the ideas of your products and services, and eventually expanding the overall network. However, manually engaging with the target audience is quite a tiresome job, which wastes a lot of time and resources. Here is when LinkedIn automation makes things easier. Since sales and marketing need a lot of human effort, automation saves all of it. It also saves time and money, making the process smooth and fast.

LinkedIn automation provides top-class solutions to create master plans for your businesses. It helps you and your business scale new heights in the minimum time.

LinkedIn Automation for Sales People

LinkedIn automation is highly beneficial for sales executives. Using its various tools and advanced features, they can easily find a suitable target market and get their ideas across leads and convert them into customers. This is the reason LinkedIn has turned into the largest online sales and marketing platform today.

With LinkedIn automation tools, sales executives can use different tactics and combine their ideas to reach out to the right people. They leverage social selling by automatically visiting every profile individually with a personalized approach. Many automation tools have advanced filtering and search features that are extensively used by salespeople to check out the profiles of potential leads. Automation has leveraged the sales sector of many businesses as it makes daily jobs easy and quick. It also preserves human efforts for core tasks.

LinkedIn Automation for Realtors

LinkedIn is an open platform, where you will find a number of real estate agents and realtors. According to the rough estimation provided by LinkedIn, there are nearly 7 million real estate agents using this platform for their business. LinkedIn has consistently provided amazing results to real estate agents over the years and hence its popularity among them.

Realtors have found a real gem in marketing automation tools with LinkedIn. It has helped them with updates on leads, prospects, market conditions, conversion rates, clients, and much more. The addition of newer automation tools every minute has opened doors for new opportunities and business expansions for realtors. There are certain automation tools that specifically help realtors by generating an increased number of leads and smoother marketing funnels.

As a realtor, building close bonds with customers is important. Automation has paved the way for that by creating effective interaction channels. The tools have directly helped in creating mutual connections with local businesses and taking care of advertisements for better business reach.

With automated marketing campaigns, generating qualified leads have become easier. This has helped realtors focus on their core tasks while automation works itself towards building genuine relationships with customers through attractive interaction methods. It ensures that the prospect is valued in every step and hence conversion rate from prospect to client goes up significantly.

LinkedIn Automation for Insurance Agents

Just like realtors, investor agents are also on the lookout for qualified leads to flourish their business. LinkedIn only allows you to run cold outreach campaigns with your first-degree connections and hence it becomes difficult for insurance agents to expand their network. But with the help of automation, running outreach campaigns is easier than ever. It gives you a scope to connect with all the suitable profiles and find the right prospects.

Most of the automation tools help you find relevant prospects as well as optimize the required connections. With LinkedIn automation tools, cold calling is not required for insurance agents as the tools do the work for just connections but helps you execute a proper outreach plan. More often than not, creating a proper outreach plan is difficult. Automation tools help insurance agents send personalized messages and connection requests to prospects. These tools research through a pool of profiles and shortlist similar accounts. In this way, network expansion becomes easier and the conversion of prospects to leads becomes quick.

While automation builds the base and finishes the initial steps, the user needs to build a meaningful relationship with the prospect. Once a proper bond is created, insurance decisions can be taken accordingly.

LinkedIn Automation for Mortgage Broker

The benefits of using LinkedIn automation tools for mortgage brokers are quite similar to those of insurance agents and real estate agents. Automation saves a lot of time for business people on tertiary tasks as they can concentrate more on their core business. With these tools, mortgage brokers can automate tasks such as the current market analysis, pulling information from multiple websites, and providing valuable statistics for taking further measures. It provides essential insights that are crucial for building professional relationships.

The automation tools for a mortgage business can provide you with pre-qualified leads. After the tool interacts with the prospect, it retains the basic information of the prospect including its location, budget, credit score, and much more. With the help of advanced tool features, information like contact details can also be derived in the first interaction itself.

The only condition is the prospect should be completely open to all the information from the mortgage broker’s part and all of it can be easily automated.

How Do You Pick the Right LinkedIn Automation Tool?

To pick the right LinkedIn automation tool, you would need to carefully study its features. Only the features can give you a realistic idea of how you can work and collaborate with the tool to give your business an automated boost. As we know, the more the features, the more powerful and effective the tool is. Moreover, you should also know how to use these tools to unlock their maximum capacity.

Here we have listed some of the key features every powerful LinkedIn automation tool should have. It will give you a clear idea whether you should use it or not.

  • It should be open to collaborating directly with LinkedIn and automating the various tasks within the platform.
  • It should have a multi-level operation for the LinkedIn recruiter system.
  • It should be free to automate the processes within the LinkedIn sales navigator platform.
  • It should be powerful enough to send the maximum number of connection requests while accessing even the third-degree connections.
  • The tool should have functions that can automatically visit and study user profiles for better connections.
  • The tool should have an automatic responder option so that interactions can be carried out easily without much effort.
  • As soon as a suitable profile is found, the tool should engage its automatic mailing system for instant sending of a connection request.
  • The tool should have an option that identifies first-degree connections and group connections on LinkedIn and send them connection requests and follow-up messages accordingly.
  • Personalized messaging should be one of the main features for inviting a user’s first-degree connection to a like-minded LinkedIn group.
  • It should be able to create targeted mailing lists for every profile that is found to be relevant.
  • It should be able to generate endorsements from other LinkedIn users and then use these endorsements as a medium to boost your profile and its subsequent reach.
  • It should have a dedicated feature-rich lists manager.
  • The tool should automate endorsements for possible contacts to generate positive endorsements in return as well.

These are some of the key features that you should consider checking before signing up for a particular automation tool. This helps to choose the appropriate tool for all the required tasks for your business.


Having the right automation tool is the need of the hour as it saves both your time and resources. Using these tools can improve your results within a short period of time, giving you an edge over your competitors while growing your network and business at the same time.

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