What is a Linkedin Automation tool?

Linkedin is the leading professional network platform.

More than 760 million users are using Linkedin – With more than 260 million monthly active users.

If you have something to sell, Linkedin is the place for you.


If I am a business owner selling vacations for high-tech companies, I would probably want to find HRs working in the high-tech section to offer my services.


We can search, find the relevant people, connect with them, and talk to them.


We can probably get five people per day if we are consistent.


But if we are not consistent, we don’t have time, and we want 80 connections every day?

Linkedin Automation tools to the Rescue!


Linkedin Automation tools allow us to automate our work by searchingconnecting, and messaging people without human intervention.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Let’s get started.

Download our chrome extension

Open the dashboard, click “Campaigns,” and Create a new campaign.

It will let us write our note for our new connections.


Your service is fantastic, but don’t sell yet.

If your connect message starts with a proposal, people will not accept you and click, “I don’t know this person.”

It can get your account suspended.


We recommend starting with something like:

Hey {{name}} :)

We are both in the marketing field, I would be happy to connect.

It has a very high success rate.

People like it.

You will get stuff like.

From here, you can add your follow-up message.

We recommend using something friendly. Don’t sell out. Ask a question.

{{name}}, Are you using any Linkedin Cold Reach Automation tool?

Here are our do and don’ts


  • Offer free stuff (for example, free consultation).
  • Ask intriguing questions.
  • Compliment your connection.
  • Give people free information.
  • Write as personal as possible.


  • Offer your services in the first message.
  • Write long messages.
  • Make it look like a copy-paste robot.
  • Talk like a machine.

Don’t be scared about automation.

It’s like steroids.

All the big ones are using it, but everybody claims natural.