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Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2021 for Lead Generation

Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools in 2021 for Lead Generation

If you want to grow your business win big deals and make money.
You will probably want to start with Linkedin.

Several reports over the years have deemed LinkedIn as the best social media platform for salespeople and marketing professionals. Even if you are a job seeker, recruiter, or businessman you can make full use of this platform. With nearly 30 million active companies registered on LinkedIn, it is quite a suitable platform for all kinds of professionals. Even students can use this platform to find internships and jobs. Today, Linkedin has roughly 738 million users worldwide and this count is only increasing. Its advanced tools and features have made it an exceptional platform to meet your goals.

Since the platform has so much to offer to its users, it requires constant presence as well as attention. The key to making the best out of it is to maintain proper connections with other professionals. Make time to engage with other users either through networking, sending messages, or sharing attractive content. This is the best way to expand your reach.

The more people you turn to, the higher chance to close a deal.

That’s where automation comes in. It allows you to connect, message, and follow up with your prospect in an automated mode.

However, if this looks difficult to you, you can choose from a number of LinkedIn automation tools available that will streamline the entire process for you.

What is LinkedIn Automation?

To make the best use of LinkedIn, you need to give time to this platform just like any other social media platform. As a salesperson or a marketer, time is something that comes at a premium to you, so giving constant attention to this platform might get difficult. This is when LinkedIn automation and LinkedIn automation tools come in handy.

LinkedIn automation lets users use designated tools to automate various services. This saves a lot of time and effort that was required to do various tasks manually, including sending connection requests and subsequent messages, follow-up messages, search alerts, and much more. It has come as a boon to its users and has streamlined how the whole platform works and enables efficiency.

Why Should You Use LinkedIn Automation Tools?

There are a lot of reasons behind using LinkedIn automation tools. One of the basic reasons being the ease of use and reduced efforts for daily tasks. Check out some more concrete reasons why you should switch to LinkedIn automation tools.

  • As mentioned before, it saves you a lot of time by automating basic tasks that are otherwise time-consuming. With the LinkedIn message automation tools, you can automatically send personalized messages to your connections at the right time. You just need to set the parameters and everything is set. No manual effort is required.
  • No need to manually connect with your leads or sending one-by-one connection requests. With these tools, everything can be done with a click.
  • You can personalize your mass outreach. Even if you send the same connection message to a hundred different people, it would still look natural, ensuring the uniqueness of your interactions with your connections.
  • You get access to automatic monthly or quarterly reports on your outreach LinkedIn campaigns, providing you with exact information on your leads. This includes their response rate and conversion rate.
  • They can integrate with other marketing and lead generation tools, creating an omnichannel approach for your LinkedIn marketing efforts.
  • A/B testing gets easier as you will be able to experiment with different templates and outreach requests to find out the most suitable one.

Is LinkedIn Automation Illegal?

LinkedIn, at all times, aims to maintain the professionalism, which this platform is known for. There are strict rules and regulations that the users need to abide by. One way that LinkedIn deals with unprofessionalism is by blocking, suspending, or even banning spammers. Spammers are those users who message everyone constantly, thus violating peace and privacy.

The platform also enforces third-party regulations for the safety of the platform and its users so that there are no problems using third-party automation tools. Using these tools illegally to steal information or unnecessarily spam people, will get your account banned or suspended.

The most important tip here is to use the right automation tool in the right way to avoid any such actions.

Top 10 Linkedin Automation tools for 2021

There are a number of LinkedIn automation tools available online. But not all of them are good for regular use. Many of these third-party tools are barred by LinkedIn itself. Hence, it is important to be fully updated before using any tool on the platform.

Here we have listed the top 10 LinkedIn automation tools that you can use without any problem. These are completely safe to use and provide efficient methods of automation.


linvo analytics

Linvo is the safest Linkedin Automation in the market. Its best features alongside added benefits like the low price and high-end safety make it the safest automation tool in the market


  • Safety– Safety is the key area that Linvo looks after. You get a dedicated proxy when you register; it keeps you safe, with Linkedin detecting you as a robot, also. It has a special human-like mechanism.
  • Running Multiple Accounts – With Linvo, you can add as many accounts as you want and automate them. Moreover, you get extensive insights regarding your automated campaigns every week.
  • Intuitive – What you see is what you can, Connect, message a follow-up, simple:

  • Good IndicationMost automation tools stop campaigns without additional information. In linvo, you get all the information such as Reached weekly limitation, Captcha Validation, etc.
  • At just a small monthly price, you enjoy unlimited profile views, connections, messages, active campaigns, premium support, Sales Navigator support, and so much more. To top it all, now you are not restricted to 20 connections per day.


– Linvo is cheap but can be compared to any other expensive tool in the market; you can buy 4 Linvo accounts at the price of 1 competitor account. It costs just $25 a month to unlock its advanced features. Make sure you read, Deal with Linkedin 100 connections requests restriction.

Who Can Use This Tool?

This tool is the best for marketing and sales teams that are looking to smoothen their regular tasks and want to generate more leads, sales, and revenue.

Free Plan

– Linvo comes with a free trial facility. Register today to start your free trial.

Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster​ linkedin automation tool

Phantom Buster is one of the oldest and most trusted automation tools available online. It can automate nearly all social media platforms, including LinkedIn. 


  • They have a great API (Application Programming Interface)that allows you to automate your Linkedin with code.
  • Its top features for LinkedIn include scraping, messaging, endorsing prospects, connecting, and much more.
  • The tool runs most of the tasks in batches and helps you grow your network fast.


Since Phantom Buster runs tasks in batches, they charge for every minute. It is a bit expensive as its premium subscription starts at $900 per month. It has a total of 5 plans ranging from $0 per month to $900 per month.

Who Can Use This Tool?

Phantom Buster has plans tailored for all businesses. If you are looking for new growth hacks, it is the tool for you. They are one of the old automation tools in the market and are still very good.

Free Plan:

Phantom Buster offers a “Free Forever” plan that comes at $0 per month. You can use it for 10 minutes per day without paying a single buck. Other than this, you also get a 14-day free trial with full access to Phantom Buster.

Octopus CRM

Getting started with Octopus CRM - LinkedIn Lead Generation Software - YouTube

Octopus CRM is a well-known LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to connect and expand your reach throughout your target audience. A powerful relationship management tool, it lets you send personalized messages to your target connections in your second or third-degree networks. You can also send bulk messages to your first-degree contacts through Octopus CRM.


  • One of the best features of Octopus CRM is the advanced automated analytical system. This shows you various insights into the campaigns you run across LinkedIn.
  • It sends personalized messages, connection requests, and follow-up messages. You can sync your phonebook directly with LinkedIn through this tool.
  • With their ultimate plan, you can connect, follow up, endorse and view your prospects on Linkedin.
  • They are chrome extensions based which makes it pretty easy to start. All you need is to download it.


The unlimited subscription of Octopus CRM costs $24.99 per month where all the advanced features can be accessed and used unlimitedly. There are three other plans too, Starter, Pro, and Advanced that comes at $6.99, $9.99, and $14.99.

Who Can Use This Tool?

Users looking to reduce their manual effort on LinkedIn and growing their sales can use this tool. Both individuals and companies prefer Octopus CRM today. Select any plan and you can start using the services.

Free Plan:

The free plan of Octopus CRM cannot be accessed directly through the website. The free version comes as a Chrome extension which you can use and sync LinkedIn with it directly.

However, they have 2 major problems:

1. You can only automate one profile with your chrome extension.

2. It’s client-based. It’s locking your screen to automate Linkedin (it can’t run in the background).


Lempods is a great tool to automate tasks on LinkedIn. It has a special feature that helps you increase more engagement on every post that you make on LinkedIn. 


  • On the basic level on Lempod, you can join a predefined pod where you can add the post you made on LinkedIn. Here, people get to see and read your post and they like and give reviews on it.
  • Lempod limits the number of members for each pod to 50 and allows only one post per member per day. You can also find like-minded people through these pods with whom you can connect directly on LinkedIn. You have a plethora of filters to search for particular pods. In this way, you enjoy more profile views and connection requests, leading to a growing LinkedIn network.


Lempod offers a $5 per pod per month plan. In its $50 per month plan, companies can create their private pod.

Who Can Use This Tool?

Lempod can be used by freelancers, medium and small businesses. With different subscription plans, all the categories are open to using this automation tool for LinkedIn.

Free Plan:

Lempod does not offer a free plan. If you want to use this tool, you need to subscribe to a particular plan.

Linkedin can detect Lempods, so make sure you use them wisely.
Linvo has the same alternative as Lempods, so be sure to check it out also.

saleshub linkedin automation tool is a great application and one of the best automated LinkedIn lead generation tools available online. It has a special feature whereby it can study databases and generate accurate leads within the minimum time. Here are some other features of


  • You can perform extensive sales automation with this tool. A special algorithm searches for verified and updated leads for campaigning and maximum outreach.
  • also supports a Chrome extension format which is equally powerful. Its email finder and verification feature is another loved feature.


The professional and most advanced premium version of this tool costs $99 per user per month. Apart from that a $49 pack and a custom pack is available for businesses. The custom-priced pack provides personalized features specifically required by the company or buyer. As you keep on adding advanced tools and features within the plan, the price increases.

Who Can Use This Tool can be used by everyone starting from a corporate individual to a complete enterprise. The price of packages depends on your needs and requirements.

Free Plan: has a free version that comes with some basic features. It is best for those who are starting with LinkedIn automation. Additionally, it also offers a free 7-day trial.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

linkedin sales navigator tool for linkedin automation

LinkedIn’s very own automation tool is the Sales Navigator, which is considered to be one of the best in the market. It provides simple yet powerful automation features. When combined with the parent platform, it becomes even more powerful. Let us see how:


  • You will get extensive search parameters to search for genuine leads including individuals and companies.
  • The tool also provides extensive recommendations based on your past searches.
  • Advanced filtering options and CRM synchronization are some other top features of Sales Navigator.


It comes in three pricing options. The team version of the Sales Navigator comes at $108.33 per user per month. Its professional version is available at $79.99 per user per month and the enterprise plan lets you have custom packages.

Who Can Use This Tool:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is for people actively using LinkedIn and who wants to access its advanced features. For all those people who are looking to increase their leads and close more deals, this tool is the way to go. It will help you take your LinkedIn experience to the next level.

Free Plan:

You can start with a 30-day free trial anytime and can cancel it anytime.


TexAu linkedin automation software

The TexAu platform is quite similar to the Phantom Buster. It helps you scale new business heights through efficient automation. It automatically extracts the required data and analyses them for the best output. There are some other features too


  • It helps you extract saved leads list from Sales Navigator. Lets you access data from LinkedIn groups, derive emails from profiles, auto endorse, like, comment, or message and much more.
  • You can also automate connection requests with TexAu.


It starts at $59 per month, the growth pack is $199 per month, and the agency pack is $499 per month.

Who Can Use This Tool?

Both individuals and enterprises can use TexAu. Simply select a suitable plan and get going with the LinkedIn automation program.

Free Plan:

TexAu offers a free plan for $0 for 12 minutes a day with access to its basic features.

Dux Soup

Dux-Soup linkedin automation tool

Dux Soup is a Chrome extension tool without any dedicated website. You need to keep LinkedIn open all the time in the background to keep the tool running. It is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools with the following features:


  • You can use tags and notes directly on a prospect’s profile with Dux Soup.
  • With the help of your CRM and Dux Soup, you can download the necessary information of a profile.
  • You can also send personalized messages, auto-visit profiles, and endorse connections through its advanced features.


It offers three pricing tiers; Free, The Pro Dux version that would cost you $11.25 per month with a lot of features, and the Turbo Dux version at $41.25 per month with all the advanced features.

Who Can Use This Tool?

For individuals and groups that are looking for some easy-to-use and straightforward tool, Dux Soup is for them. It lives directly in their browser.

Free Plan:

You can have a free Dux plan with some basic automation features. Use it to get acclimatized to the whole tool and LinkedIn platform.


zopto linkedin automation tool

Zopto is an automated tool for lead generation on LinkedIn. It helps sales executives and teams to have a better lead generation performance. Some of its features are:


  • Zopto has an advanced filtering process to search for specific results. You can filter based on location, company size, title etc.
  • You can also control the engagement level with the user by turning on the relevant features like connection messages, free InMails, and more.
  • You also get insights and dashboard information on your sales campaigns on LinkedIn.


Zopto comes in three plans. Personal plan at $215 per month, Grow at $395 per month, and Agency at $895 per month. In the personal version, you can add just one account. The growth plan caters to two accounts, and the agency option, lets you have a total of five active accounts.

Who Can Use This Tool?

Both individuals and businesses can use Zopto for better and more efficient lead generation.

Free Plan:

There is no specific free plan for Zopto. Simply choose a plan that’s suitable for you.



WeConnect is a powerful cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, which is the safest and most secured than some of the browser tools. It is fast, can generate 10 times more leads, and helps you prospect, nurture, and close more deals. Here are some of its standout features:


  • It lets you automate your LinkedIn networking with a personalized and convenient approach.
  • You can set up and run multiple campaigns based on your target audience. Endorse skills; make new connections, and so much more with its smart reply management.
  • Keep yourself updated with your LinkedIn campaign reports and track everything from a single dashboard. A powerful tool that’s designed to make you more productive.


  • An affordable tool that comes at $49 per user per month with a free trial available.

Who Can Use This Tool?

It’s an easy tool for most people. It works best for marketers, recruiters, busy sales teams, and other professionals. Its simple usability and clean interface make it a preferred choice of many.

Free Plan:

  • There’s no free version of WeConnect available but you can use its free trial offer to check how it works.

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