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Top 4 Linkedin Automation Tools

automation tools

If you want to grow your business win big deals and make money.
You will probably want to start with Linkedin.

The more people you turn to, the higher chance to close a deal.

That’s where automation comes in. It allows you to connect, message, and follow up with your prospect in an automated mode.

There are many tools out there.

Top Linkedin Automation tools for 2021

linvo analytics

Linvo is the safest Linkedin Automation in the market.

  • Safety – You get a dedicated proxy when you register; it keeps you safe, with Linkedin detecting you as a robot, also. It has a special human-like mechanism.
  • Price – Linvo is cheap but can be compared to any other expensive tool in the market; you can buy 4 Linvo accounts at the price of 1 competitor account. Make sure you read, Deal with Linkedin 100 connections requests restriction.
  • Intuitive – What you see is what you can, Connect, message a follow-up, simple:
  •  Good IndicationMost automation tools stop campaigns without additional information. In linvo, you get all the information such as Reached weekly limitation, Captcha Validation, etc.
  • Running Multiple Accounts – With Linvo, you can add as many accounts as you want and automate them.
Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster is a good tool to automate almost any social media platform.

When focusing on Linkedin, they have many features such as Scraping, Connecting, Messaging, Endosrsing prospects, and many more.

They have a great API that allows you to automate your Linkedin with code.

Their pricing is a little expensive as they charge for minutes, and most of the jobs are running in a batch.

That increases your risk of being blocked on Linkedin.

They are one of the old automation tools in the market and are still very good.


Octopus CRM

Octopus is a great tool that allows you to automate your Linkedin.

Getting started with Octopus CRM - LinkedIn Lead Generation Software - YouTube

In addition, their pricing is great, starting from $10 – $40.

With their ultimate plan, you can connect, follow up, endorse and view your prospects on Linkedin.

They are chrome extensions based which makes it pretty easy to start. All you need is to download it.

However, they have 2 major problems:

1. You can only automate one profile with your chrome extension.

2. It’s client-based. It’s locking your screen to automate Linkedin (it can’t run in the background).


Lempods is a great automation tool that lets you get more engagement for your posts on Linkedin.

The process is straightforward; you find a pod, join it, add your Linkedin post, and get Likes from the people inside the pod.
You can get thousands of Likes fast and grow your audience.
Linkedin can detect Lempods, so make sure you use them wisely.
Linvo has the same alternative as Lempods, so be sure to check it out also.

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