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LinkedIn profile warmup process

LinkedIn profile warmup process

So you are happy you learned about automation and you want to start being active on LinkedIn.
So far you were on FB, IG but you want to move to the big league of Linkedin.

Or you just joined a new profile to your inventory and want to start working with it.
You MUST know about LinkedIn profile warmup before you begin.

All the below said is aimed to safeguard your profile.
A profile is an asset.
It carries connection and affiliation to a company or specific business segment, you nurture it and care for it, sometimes over many years.
Without the necessary LinkedIn profile warmup process, it might get banned really fast.


First question, Do you have more than 500 connections?
In case you don’t, we would discourage you from doing any automation whatsoever till you get to the 500 connections point.

Second, Do you have any other automation running on the same profile?
If so, please halt it immediately.
You should not run 2 automation services/software on the same profile in parallel.

Third, what was the level of activity before you signed up for the automation?
By level of activity we mean – the amount of connect requests? Of Likes, Posts, Shares, etc…
In case it was very low (less than 5 connect requests per week) – we recommend the following:

  • 500 connections
  • Other automation running on the profile
  • History of great activity on the profile
  • Manual activity​

Warm up process​

Week 1​

1.Set no more than 5 actions(Connect Requests)  per day
2.Do not send messages at all (aside the connect requests).
3.Mix manual actions with the automation – Enter at least once daily to do some manual actions.

Week 2

1.Set no more than 10 actions(Connect Requests)  per day
2.Can send messages as follow-ups to connect requests (But not as a complete message to 1st-degree connections).
3.Mix manual actions with the automation – Enter at least once every couple of days to do some manual actions.

Week 3 and after

1.Set no more than 20 actions(Connect Requests)  per day
2.Mix manual actions with the automation – Enter at least once weekly to do some manual actions.

What about an aged active account?

Well, we still recommend mixing manual actions (scroll, like share, comment, post) at least once a week.
That is obviously aside from a general recommendation to have a meaningful profile and contribute good content to the world.

Won’t it jeopardize the account to do both manual actions from one IP and automated actions from a different IP?

No, it won’t, though we do highly recommend to split the working hours in between the automated and manual work.


That in general is the warm up process we currently recommend.
Any feedback? What worked for you? What didn’t work for you?
We are always happy to learn.

In the next blogs we will discuss how to integrate profiles into a mutual campaign in a meaningful manner.

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