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LinkedIn New Weekly Invitation Limit


LinkedIn rolled out new limitations in regards to the weekly amount of connect requests.

At some point over the last month, LinkedIn started cracking down on the number of invites you can send out per week to just 100.

That is true for both regular LinkedIn accounts as well as Sales Navigator.

That is VS 250 Per Day!! This was the norm until now in Sales Navigator and about 100 per day for regular LinkedIn Accounts.

In other words, The ability to connect to prospects who are entirely out of one’s network has considerably diminished to 20% of its former capacity.

What are the immediate consequences?

So it depends on the way your LinkedIn is utilized as a channel for communication/marketing/selling.

The most significant impact is on those who used to spray connect requests endlessly.
Obviously, that is a behavior LinkedIn wanted to diminish, and with reasonable justification.
Spraying combines requests all around lowers the value of the Social Network itself.
If one finds himself fending irrelevant direct messages and connect requests, then the value of the network dramatically decreases.

Immediate consequences

The impact on those who use the network wisely – connect only with prospects with whom it is a mutual benefit or Only with prospects with whom they have previous acquaintances.

– Those most probably are not affected widely.
Linkedin is a B2B social network, and as such, it thrives on meaningful business relationships.
Utilizing it for doing “B2C” kind of activities not only hurts one’s credibility and respect for the customer but also pollutes the network.

Having a limited amount of connection requests actually focus one to think considerably on his business goals, messaging and target audience alike.

How to cope​

This triage of elements is highly focusing every business owner on his/her objectives.
More over, it shifts the focus from the seller to the buyer.

Instead of asking ones self “what do I want to say?” in order to create a meaningful business relationship one should ask – “what is it that a prospect is seeking and I can help him with?”

In general, Here at Linvo, we believe this step is essential and creates a much cleaner environment in which business could thrive.

Want to know Linvo’s suggestions on how to cope with those limitations?

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