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LinkedIn Message Automation: What You Need to Know?

LinkedIn Message Automation: What You Need to Know?

LinkedIn is by far one of the best platforms where you can connect with colleagues, B2B sales world, and generate healthy leads for marketing remotely. LinkedIn contains all sorts of filters where you can search other people based on their job titles, locations, and even other requirements. While LinkedIn is a place for lead generation, many believe that it can be spammy and irritating. So what’s the solution?

Well, a golden rule of thumb to use LinkedIn message automation is, to be honest, short and effective. However, by using LinkedIn automation tools, people assume that the leads would be bombarded with request messages that will fill their inboxes up. This is spamming when you bombard the inbox and expect efficient replies. There’s a way to maximize your outreach with effective messaging, which is sure to get you desired leads.

Certain tasks are specifically designed for LinkedIn automation. Some of them include:

  • Automatically sending a message that requests a connection over LinkedIn.
  • Analyzing the type of audience based on their profile and sending personalized messages accordingly.
  • Creating a personalized social campaign that has extensive follow-ups.
  • Determining and grouping the target audience for enhanced outreach through this platform.
  • Getting personalized insights and information about the campaigns you run alongside metrics and specific data.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn automatically block spammers and most third-party LinkedIn automation tools do spamming. Therefore, design the system in such a way that no one is bombarded with thousands of messages daily.

Types of LinkedIn Tools

While you automate all your LinkedIn operations, you should know the type of automation tool that you use. The LinkedIn message automation tools can be broadly classified into two distinctive types. Let’s take a look at how these two are different from each other:

1. Chrome Extension Tools

Chrome extension automation tools are nothing but LinkedIn plugins that can be downloaded from the Chrome app store. They stay attached to your Chrome home window and can be accessed with just a click.

The reality about these chrome extension tools for LinkedIn is that they are not as efficient and reliable. Though there are hundreds of such extensions available on Chrome, these are not that advanced. They are useful for basic operations but creating hyper-personalized content through these plugins is almost impossible.

Another problem with these extensions is since it stays attached to the Chrome window, they close all operations and erase all ongoing memories once the window or the computer is shut down. Hence, every time you close the system, you need to start all over again.

LinkedIn easily identifies these tools since their source can be tracked and the platform automatically puts a limit on its operations. Hence, these are useful for light work, but for advanced use, this should not be the go-to option.

Chrome Extension Tools

2. Cloud Based Solutions

The very first point that green ticks the cloud based automation solutions is safety. These services are 24/7 available in the cloud, which means even if the computer is shut down; the tool keeps on running, saving every bit of information alongside enhancing the security.

The best part about these cloud based services is that they go undetected by LinkedIn as they operate remotely and do not have any operations through front-end systems. Thus, even if you decide to spam on other people, chances of getting blocked by LinkedIn are considerably low.

Cloud Based Solutions

These cloud based solutions use some advanced features that make it nearly impossible for LinkedIn to detect the automated services. These features include:

Separately Dedicated IP Address

As you start using the cloud based automation tools, they assign a dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address just for your computer. This ensures that every time you carry out some automated operations on LinkedIn, the IP address, as well as the location of your remote server, does not change. However, when you use the Chrome extensions for automated tools, often the IP address and the location of your device change. So whenever you log in, the credentials change, which LinkedIn can detect easily and the chances of your personal safety getting compromised are high.

Copies Human Nature

The cloud based automated solutions behave as a human would behave in a real-world situation while sending connection requests on LinkedIn. Most Chrome extensions are incapable of doing this, making them easy traps for LinkedIn algorithms. Most Chrome extensions for automated tools bombard the inboxes of other users at unusual times, usually when humans are not even physically operational. This highlights them, forcing LinkedIn to stop its operations and block these services.

Limits Operations

The algorithms of cloud based solutions are built in such a manner that lets you set a specific limit for all the actions you perform through these automated tools. This enables all your campaigns throughout the LinkedIn platform to run in the background at designated times, making it evident that a human is doing it themselves without the help of artificial intelligence.

Apart from these, there are numerous other features that these cloud based solutions use to keep a check on the safety of your personal information and cheekily glides away from LinkedIn’s detection policies against blockage of the operations.

Why Automate LinkedIn?

Even if your target audience and the required messages are ready to be sent, sending them manually to every profile can be quite hectic. In today’s world, this method seems quite unrealistic. Again, expecting a reply from a huge mass of leads is a different sort of tedious job.
Instead, sending an automated LinkedIn connection request at the best times is easier and more fruitful. LinkedIn is much more convenient through automated services. Here are some of the common reasons why you should consider automating your LinkedIn operations:

Saves Valuable Time

This is the prime reason why you should opt for automation of LinkedIn operations. Consider an example where you need to send a connection request or a sales request to around 1000 people in a certain location and you have 4 different locations, which roughly makes 4000 people. Imagine sending a connection message to 4000 people individually through LinkedIn.

Just like it seems unrealistic, it indeed is unrealistic. Sending a message to 4000 different people would take anyone a lifetime. Instead, using LinkedIn message automation proves to be more beneficial. Automation only helps when the tasks are repetitive and boring. This enables better human input. Tasks like sending messages, following up with the outreach, creating a proper target audience, considering the type of service and much more can be easily managed through automation and that too in quick turnaround times.

Increased Reach

This is a genuine benefit but only works when you have sorted your targeted niche, where you can promote your services openly; be it a LinkedIn group, a Facebook group or any other social media platform that already has a huge reach. With automation, you can individually target all the members of that group and send them personalized messages, explaining your products and services with a strong CTA or Call to Action.

This method takes your minimum time and provides maximum efficiency alongside the best results. Since you promote your services through a social media platform or a job-oriented platform like LinkedIn, more and more people get to know you, which in turn increase your reach and eventually, your sales.

Integrated and Advanced Features

Automation can be genuinely cool in the case of LinkedIn. And, when cloud based services are used for automation, it is even cooler. But it still does not level up the game when it comes to finding enthusiastic leads and generating more sales.

So LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of those advanced automation tools that take up tasks that normal automation tools cannot. These tasks include running an omnichannel approach, combining and boosting email marketing through LinkedIn, and integrating privately with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

These sales navigators can be third-party applications too, opening up a plethora of growth and development opportunities for the users. All these applications are specifically designed to match your profile operations and increase outreach significantly.

How to Automate LinkedIn Messages?

This is by far the most important question. Like always, personalization and uniqueness are key to achieve proper results through automation.

What most people understand by the personalization is just using the first name and last name tags while creating and sending the messages. There are a lot of ways to personalize your messages as well as a lot more steps to enhance the quality of your LinkedIn message automation.

Let us see what they are and how they work:

Use Personalization Tags

Personalization tags are very important while sending messages, it helps to target a more concentric audience and improve the chances of cracking the deal. Some of the most widely used personalization tags are:

  • {first-name}- The name explains everything quite clearly. It is used to highlight the first name of the receiver.
  • {last_name}- This highlights the last name of the message receiver.
  • {job_title}- Identifies the specific job title.
  • {company_name}- Highlights the selected name of the company.
  • Dynamic Placeholder- This is a custom personalization tag used across a lot of automation tools whereby after the audience is targeted, the messages perform dynamically. It essentially means that every target would be sent messages but with a specific outcome that differs from one another. It enriches the automation process and is a very helpful personalization tag.

Prepare for a Better Outreach

After all, everything you do, you do it for better outreach. More often than not, even if you take the necessary steps, your outreach does not increase, hence resulting in a low acceptance rate and undeserving responses for the messages sent.

Here we have listed a few proven points that would help you have the deserving response and proper outreach for adequate growth and development.

Optimize the Profile

Presenting your profile is the most important thing. Before you start sending out personalized messages, make sure that every detail on your profile is updated and aligns with the industry you are related to. It enhances your professionalism.

Have a Definite Audience

You need to have a proper and definite audience that will automatically increase your LinkedIn campaign’s outreach. Develop out-of-the-box ideas and unique messaging strategies that would seem new to the audience since most of them are exhausted from being bombarded with the same old messages. Target the right audience with the right tactics to have a successful campaign.

Unique Messages and Templates

Develop ideas, messages, and templates that are unique and can churn the interest of the audience in every possible manner. You need to avoid exposing yourself in the very first LinkedIn connection message you send. Spams can be easily detected and dealt with severely. Hence, try to be unique and authentic.

Connect with Proper Sources

Make use of some reliable automation tools to enhance the process. With these tools, you can directly connect with the CRM and get close insights into your campaign alongside real-time improvement strategies to target audiences and crack deals better. Optimize the process in such a manner that the receiver’s actions are prompt and effective.

Analyze the Results

Never forget to analyze your performance first and then the results. The insights which the advanced automation tools provide are essential and help you improve your approach and the overall campaign in a positive manner. With adequate insights, you can also experiment with various other methods to attract more audiences across different platforms.

Choose a Proper Strategy

What most LinkedIn marketers miss out on is a properly structured strategy that can glide through the campaign and provide the best results. This outreach strategy will automatically help you and the automated process to target the correct audience instead of deviating from opportunities.

Here are some of the commonly used campaign strategies that are sure to work out and help you with the required development.

Retarget a Growing Content

This is a hack where you use the content of another individual to target a wider audience. The target content may include a viral post from a celebrity or any social media influencer. What you need to do is copy the link of that particular post and pastes it on the automation tool engine. The automation tool will identify LinkedIn users from the people that reacted to the post and automatically send them personalized messages for the connection.

Make Strategies Ahead of Your Competitors

Use third-party applications to create email addresses and also to verify those email addresses. Again, go to your automation tool and copy the links of these email addresses. Connect with them through LinkedIn whereby the LinkedIn algorithm does not understand what happens in reality. These strategies increase your outreach up to 50%.

Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This is the master of automation. It can easily track enthusiastic audiences and target them accordingly with personalized content for maximum outreach. These applications use advanced features where you can copy their profile URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) and paste them on the application engine. These engines are set with specific algorithms and they would study these profiles thoroughly to design and send personalized content.

Why LinkedIn Automation is Best for B2B Prospecting?

Without a doubt, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for connecting with other marketers and has a huge prospect for B2B sales. As per the reports, LinkedIn has around 800 million active users. Targeting even 0.0001% of it individually can be challenging and nearly impossible. On the other hand, you have to increase your B2B sales to thrive in the market. This is where LinkedIn automation solutions come in handy. These can efficiently increase the outreach. On average, it is seen that it increases the generally positive response by around 50%.

Here we look at some commonly derived reasons why LinkedIn automation is best for B2B prospecting:

Automation is Astronomically Time Saving

Think about it- If you have to individually reach out to that 0.0001% per cent of those active users along with properly personalized messages and attractive content, it would take you a lifetime to send them and receive their response, which in maximum cases would not be available due to the blandness in the approach.

With LinkedIn automation, you can sort out a huge group of people within minutes and not have to waste even a bit of effort. Your approach would never go in vain. Instead, you can use LinkedIn message automation to develop follow-up messages every time it detects a positive response from the receiver’s end.

Use Your Competitor's Targets

You can extensively use LinkedIn’s automation to directly target the users linked to your competitors. There are widely two methods through which you can do this:

• Target Members from a Social Media Platform

The first thing you would need to do in this case is to study your competitor’s users on any social media platform you want to, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even Slack. Next, derive the necessary information from their profile and copy their profile URL to the automation tool’s engine. The tool will automatically process the information and directly connects with them. This method is not only efficient but also effective and time-saving.

• Target a Company's Customers on LinkedIn

Targeting a productive audience through social media platforms can often be inaccurate. But you can extensively use the data available on LinkedIn to target a particular company’s targets and lure them towards your services. You can take some easy steps to achieve this:

  • Create a new and personal LinkedIn profile stating that you are a part of the company which you would want to target in reality.
  • Apply a filter or run a Sales Navigator analysis on all the users or customers that follow the particular target company.
  • Export the targeted prospects into the automation tool engine.

The engine automatically detects the necessary prospects and runs automated operations on them like sending them connection messages and more to attract them towards the service you provide.

Make Your Profile Attractive

To attract customers and increase your overall reach, make sure that you have an optimized profile that caters to all details a visitor to your profile would need. Here are some ways you can optimize your profile:

Have an Impactful Title

Every profile needs a proper job title. This inculcates a sense of professionalism within all the viewers. Hence, it is crucial to have a job title that creates an impact on every visitor.

Display Professionalism and Confidence

The very first line of display of your profile is your display picture. So to enhance your professionalism and confidence, you need to have a solid profile picture clicked by a professional. Often people ignore this step and screw up their LinkedIn campaigns.

Use a Promotional Banner

The banner is quite similar to a cover photo. A photo that enhances and covers your profile over your display picture. A banner holds a lot of prospects and can change how your profile is viewed and reached.

Extensively Use a Summary

A summary is a powerful way through which you can tell a full, impactful story. It should provide relevant details that cannot be included in the profile straightaway. A proper and exciting summary can have a great impact on the viewers.

Extensively Use the Highlight Section

A highlight in your LinkedIn profile helps to showcase some key points about your career. There are a lot of components that you can choose from, but make sure that you choose the first three components wisely as they will be the ones that will be displayed.

Be Honest

Be honest about every detail you provide. Lies can be easily detected hence be professional and true about your experience, past job titles, and other information.

LinkedIn Automation: Best Practices

There are certain points that you need to keep in mind before automating LinkedIn. These practices ensure that all your automated campaigns on LinkedIn are successful:

View and Tag the Required LinkedIn Profiles

More often than not you would find a particular profile on LinkedIn attractive and prospective. Try to study more about that profile and determine whether it can be a prospective customer. If yes, then consider tagging that particular profile. This helps the background automation services to send a proper and personalized message to connect and thus click for a CTA (Call to Action).

Enable Personalized Requests

If you have found a prospective profile while searching on LinkedIn, make sure to enable all forces of your automation tool. Create a personalized connection request through LinkedIn message automation, which can easily trigger the curiosity of the other person.

Send Personalized Message to the Prioritized Contacts

Out of all the contacts or connections, there should be a group of people who are prioritized or first-degree contacts. Consider sending them specially curated messages to churn their interest. Since these first-degree connections are those who are classified under high prospect clients, having a special message can impact how your services perform and grow over time.

Target Pre-existing Contacts

Targeting contacts that are prospective but unreachable can be something that LinkedIn performs better. Personalized emails from automated LinkedIn tools are way more interesting than regular emails. The chances of an increased reach for your profile are enhanced by these custom-made emails through LinkedIn.

Store Your LinkedIn Data

Your LinkedIn data is crucial and cannot be lost under any circumstances. Hence, download and store your data. It helps when your data is lost in any case. It also helps to store the data for future use. If you want the same actions to take place from a different platform, you can use the stored data for reference and reach enhancement.

Build a Personalized Email Database

Through cloud based automation solutions, now building a personalized email database is possible. Through this, you can access all the email addresses that LinkedIn does not generally provide. You can also download the list of these email addresses and run the required marketing campaigns.

Why Linvo?

LinkedIn automation is not rocket science. However, with Linvo, LinkedIn automation becomes easier. Linvo is a LinkedIn automation tool that lets you connect, message, and follow up easily, helping you achieve your goals more quickly and within your budget. It is a one-time purchase that gives you lifetime access to this amazing yet powerful tool. It just takes 5 minutes to build your workflow and see the best results coming. It supports Zapier integration and let you send everything directly to your CRM. Linvo helps you:

  • Generate more leads, grow your network, sales, and engagement on autopilot
  • It is easy, safe, and comes with advanced analytics to help you grow
  • Automates your requests, messages, replies, and posts

What’s more? You are not restricted to 20 connections per day anymore. Linvo supports multiple profiles from a single dashboard, allowing a maximum of 80 actions per account per day, ensuring you don’t miss out on any opportunities along the way. No manual setups; simply set and forget. It’s that easy!

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