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LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool

Engage audiences that matter with our LinkedIn B2B lead generation solutions that can power up your lead generation campaigns and boost your sales.
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Building Lead Generation Funnel On LinkedIn Just Got Easier With Linvo

Lead by value and grab your prospects’ attention by establishing powerful touchpoints at each phase of their buying journey and reaching the right professionals on LinkedIn. Grow your B2B leads pipeline with our tool that will help you churn out quality leads while maintaining a healthy sales funnel to stay ahead of your competitors. Automate your lead generation process today and save your time and effort.

Closely Monitor Your LinkedIn Activities To Measure The Results Of Lead Generation

Keep an eye on user behaviour and track the impact of your lead generation efforts with Linvo. Get to know the right metrics and KPIs to evaluate your progress on LinkedIn and deliver your business goals like never before. Linvo will help you identify common trends and patterns for your lead generation success. 

Bypass The LinkedIn Restriction With Linvo

  • Get over the restriction of 20 connections per day

Linvo supports multiple profiles from a single dashboard, allowing you to do a maximum of 80 actions per LinkedIn account per day. 

  • Capture leads from anywhere

A powerful LinkedIn automation tool that lets you generate leads inside your decks, which means you can generate leads from anywhere.

  • Stay connected with your target audience

Linvo works for you in the background. No need to select connections and connect; it automatically invites your 2nd and 3rd level contacts with a personal note. 

We Optimized LinkedIn Limitation

Use multiple users

The more accounts you automate, the bigger the exposure. With Linvo, you can automate as many accounts as you want from a single dashboard.

On top filters to get a better targeting

It is known that opposite attracts.
Linvo analyzes your prospect's gender and age. So you can get the best targeting for your account.

Smart actions spreading

Safety is our top priority. Linvo mimics the human movement and click, uses a dedicated proxy for every account, and randomize your actions.​

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