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LinkedIn Auto Connect Tool

Automate your Linkedin to generate more sales, leads, and revenue. Reach out to new prospects hassle-free and auto boost your connections with Linvo.
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Seamlessly connect to your business prospects and generate leads on LinkedIn

Access the easiest way to automate your LinkedIn connections and grow your professional network every day. Use Linvo’s automation superpower and push your LinkedIn outreach to new heights. Experience faster and personalized messaging, quick new connections, and simplicity at its best with just a few clicks! It’s time to boost your business.

Adnance your outreach with scheduled automatic follow ups

Linvo makes following up with your prospects a cakewalk. You can automatically keep a check on your prospects, even if you have hundreds of them. With just minimal effort, you can keep your communication going with your potential clients with a more professional and personalized approach. With Linvo, following up becomes more organized and chaos-free.

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Unlock weekly invitation limit with multiple profiles

No more 20 connections per day! Linvo lets you add multiple profiles in a single dashboard, helping you increase your number of connection requests per day. Now you can easily connect with thousands of new professionals with our automation tool, and generate more leads, sales, and engagement.  Approach your target audience hassle-free now!

We Optimized LinkedIn Limitation

Use multiple users

The more accounts you automate, the bigger the exposure. With Linvo, you can automate as many accounts as you want from a single dashboard.

On top filters to get a better targeting

It is known that opposite attracts.
Linvo analyzes your prospect's gender and age. So you can get the best targeting for your account.

Smart actions spreading

Safety is our top priority. Linvo mimics the human movement and click, uses a dedicated proxy for every account, and randomize your actions.​

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Generate more leads, sales and revenue.


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