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How to Write LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn Recommendations

Writing a recommendation is not as easy as you think it to be. Especially, writing a full scape recommendation on LinkedIn needs a lot of brainstorming. You always feel honored and happy when somebody else like your boss or a colleague gives you a recommendation on LinkedIn. But when it is your time to return the favor, more often than not people face writer’s block where they run out of words and sit blank. However, if you were to be asked verbally, it might not seem like a difficult task. Putting it into writing is always the hard part because you want to make sure it catches the attention. So learning to write a good LinkedIn recommendation is also the best way to get more recommendations for yourself.

Since it is a difficult task and something that needs a lot of brain work, there are a lot of articles that help you create one easily and quickly. While the following article describes how writing LinkedIn recommendations for anyone is easy and can be done within minutes, it also comes with a lot of examples that help you understand the entire process better.

But before we start, let us first know LinkedIn recommendations in detail.

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

In simple words, a LinkedIn recommendation is a commendation given to you by another LinkedIn member to recognize your work. You can also recommend your connections on LinkedIn by highlighting their good work and skills. However, you cannot recommend every random LinkedIn user. You can recommend only those connections that are categorized under your first-degree connections. The recommendation you give to others is displayed on their profile if they choose to display it.

If any of your contacts asks for a recommendation, you will be notified through a message, which can be accessed from the “Messaging” section on your profile on the LinkedIn app or website.

These recommendations can be edited or deleted anytime according to your wish. Recommendations are separately written in a particular area and you cannot write it as a mail or a message to add it afterwards.

Write a Killer LinkedIn Recommendation in Under 2 Minutes

Writing recommendations is a daunting task where you never know where to start and how to say. Facing writer’s block is very normal. But there is a solution to this problem. With these 5 easy steps, writing a powerful recommendation will become a piece of cake.

So next time when you face difficulty in writing a recommendation, this 5-step process will help you get through it quickly.

Start With a Knockout Line

While writing a recommendation, always start with a killer line. Prove assertion as well as conviction in these lines to get the reader going. Avoid using superlative words too much since it can turn the reader off. Instead, there are thousands of other powerful lines, to begin with. Showing some authority and strength in the opening lines would automatically entice the reader to go through the entire content and thus half of your job is done right in the beginning.

Example- “[person name] is a brilliant and gifted [designation] who really understands how to get the best out of people.”

Describe Your Relationship

Describing your relationship with the person you are recommending is quite important. Some questions like

  • How do you know that particular person?
  • What are the projects that you worked on together?
  • How long was your relationship?

should be answered thoroughly yet precisely through your content. Always be professional and highlight the times when you were professionally in touch and working together. This is a crucial step to follow since it gives the reader a sense of validation that you are a qualified person to give them a recommendation.

Example- “I was lucky to report to [person name] during my time at [company name] and collaborated on a number of projects and campaigns.”

Share a Standout Trait

When you are writing a recommendation, one thing is pretty sure that the person is qualified and skilled enough to get recommended. The person must have high ratings and hence a recommendation. However, while writing a recommendation, specifically mention two or three standout features of the person. Though you know they are talented enough, hardworking, and organized, still don’t forget to highlight their qualities in your recommendation.

Execute these ideas in your content and create the recommendation around that relevance. If someone is asking for a recommendation, the person has a purpose like a promotion or getting a job in mind. Hence, mentioning some good stuff about them would help them in return.

Example- “[person name]’s ability to manage difficult stakeholders is one of the key reasons we were able to win repeat business in the construction industry. He knows how to manage expectations.”

Add a Touch of Personality

It is one of the most important steps while writing a recommendation and is equally helpful for the other person. More often than not we miss out on this point and concentrate too much on answering what and who. Consider mentioning some useful personality traits of the person you are writing a recommendation for. Since employers often check for personalities, this point will make employers think about that particular colleague more.

Example- “The office can get a little quiet, but when [person name] is in, he/she really brings a lot of energy that is quite contagious.”

End With Your Solid Recommendation

The ending of any story or written content should be strong, let alone a recommendation. Seal your recommendation with a short, sweet, and crisp final line, which makes it clear that the recommended person is worth considering. Avoid clumping this part with too many adjectives or unnecessary words. Instead, try to be simple and short while mentioning the actual recommendation at the end. This is the part where you need to be assertive but not aggressive and finally prove the point of your whole recommendation.

Example- “It is without hesitation that I recommend [person name] if you are looking for the best [designation].”

LinkedIn Recommendation Templates

As discussed earlier, writing a LinkedIn recommendation can be an exhausting task. But the internet is always there to help. You can find several templates for creating powerful recommendations for your colleagues, boss, a student or any other known first-degree contacts on LinkedIn. You can either completely copy-paste these templates or take ideas from them to structure and personalize your recommendation accordingly.

Here is a list of popular LinkedIn recommendation templates that you can take ideas from and say stellar things about people you are recommending:

1. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Colleagues

These are for the people with whom you currently work or have worked in the past. Here you need to highlight all the positive points about the other person. You can also mention some weaknesses but in a positive way just to keep everything balanced. Avoid stating too many weak points to keep things considerable.

  • Template 1

“In my professional career, I have worked a lot with other executives. But [person name] was a unique colleague to work with. As he/she was one of my first colleagues and helped me out through my initial days, the internal working of the company got clearer to me with his/her help. He/she has high work standards and is very adjustable in terms of work culture. He/she is not only able but also quite helpful towards others and that is a standout feature. I would like to thank him/her since his/her help was invaluable for my smooth transitioning.”

  • Template 2

“We as a team have worked on various projects together. I could not be thankful enough to [person name] for being such a great partner. For the post of [designation], I, as a colleague, highly recommend him/her. He/she is not only composed but also willing to tackle the hardest situations with a happy face. [person name] would never let any team down and would make a great colleague.”

2. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Managers

These templates are specifically for the managers/your superiors who you have worked with in the past or are currently working with. Writing a solid recommendation for your manager can also get you a recommendation in return.

  • Template 1

“[person name] is very intellectual and profound [designation]. As a professional, I have worked on various projects under his/her guidance and every time it has shown a significant increase in the success levels as well as efficiency as compared to other managers. His/her dedication towards his/her team and making the projects look easier and more organized was a standout trait of [person name]. His/her ability to keep things light and humorous as well as being empathetic at the same time makes him/her a star manager of our office. I would highly recommend working with a person and a professional like [person name].”

  • Template 2

“[person name] is such an excellent person as well as professional to have around. He/she is one of those empathetic managers, rich in experience of around [number of years] years. He/she is not only creative but also organized and very helpful for his/her team and is a go-to person when in need. The ideas and suggestions given by him/her are always valuable. His/her guidance has helped me grow as a professional and inculcated in me valuable leadership skills. It was a pleasure to be managed by him/her all over these years.”

3. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Students

These templates are for students who have worked at your organization as an intern or a part-time employee while studying. You can highlight various positive points about their work and give them more motivation. It would also help them at their next workplaces as well as while finding a job.

  • Template 1

“person name” worked as [designation] at my organization and under my direct supervision for [number of years] years while he/she was studying. He/she was able to impress everybody with his/her dedication, efficiency, and zeal for learning. He/she was always brainstorming ideas for the betterment of my organization. He/she is not only hardworking but also talented young personnel and it was indeed a delight to be mentoring and working with such a bright mind. I highly recommend [person name] for the position of [designation] at your organization”

4. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for HR

These templates are specifically for the HR (Human Resource) managers or personnel. You would need to give a lot of information explaining their job description. This would further help recruiters to understand their capabilities and working patterns.

  • Template 1

“[person name] has enough expertise in recruiting other professionals from the [industry name] industry. He/she has immense knowledge about both the domestic and the international market. His/her knowledge has helped me grow my organization since [year]. [person name] has helped a lot of people with his/her recruitment skills and in-depth knowledge about the industry. He/she is a master in helping professionals re-allocate from one job to the other. Apart from these, his/her skills to analyze the possibilities of employment from the market are just amazing. I would always recommend [person name] to anyone who is looking for an HR manager.”

  • Template 2

“[person name] is the perfect example of an HR manager as he/she brings all his/her skills, abilities, and knowledge to uplift the organization with the best resources. He/she is not only focused and goal-oriented but also reliable. It is these traits of [person name] that have always inspired others around and are so contagious that people see him/her as their role model. On top of being an outstanding professional, he/she is quite kind towards his/her colleagues. He/she knows the exact skills to bring the best out of his/her recruits. I would highly recommend [person name] to anyone who’s looking to scale up new heights.”

5. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Boss

These are quite specific templates that can only be written for your boss if they request a LinkedIn recommendation. You need to carefully craft every word to make this recommendation look perfect.

  • Template 1

“[person name] is a role model and a perfect example of an able and active supervisor. I thoroughly learned and enjoyed a lot working under his/her guidance for [number of years] years. Thanks to his/her supervision, I gained immense knowledge regarding the whereabouts of sales. He/she has great leadership qualities and expertise in leading a team. His/her sturdiness, professionalism, and approach towards handling conflicts within the company were something to be appreciated. I highly recommend [person name] who can prove to be a valuable asset for your organization.”

  • Template 2

“[person name] is not only an authentic person but also a kind-hearted professional. When I was a recruit at the company, he/she was kind enough to arrange a meeting with the top executives of the sales and marketing departments that gave me helpful insights into the work ethics and goals of the organization. [person name] is a solution-finder and can handle every problem skillfully; be it at the team level or the company level. He/she even follows up and checks whether the particular has been solved completely or not. His patience motivates and encourages everybody to work better and thrive for the organization. I highly recommend him/her.”

6. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Senior

These templates are mainly for your seniors at work. You need to appreciate their work culture and highlight how they have helped you in developing and growing as a professional.

  • Template 1

“[person name] is not only an excellent human being but also a fantastic professional that helps you bring the best out of you. His skills and expertise in [department name] are immense and quite helpful. It was a pleasure to work under his/her guidance and expertise. Under his/her supervision, I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills that have helped me in every aspect of my career. I worked as [designation] for [number of years] years and his seniority helped me immensely. His/her opinions mattered a lot for me and he/she always made me feel welcomed at the organization. He/she was one of the best professionals a fresher/newbie could ever ask for.”

  • Template 2

“I worked with [person name] as a colleague. Though he/she was senior to me, his/her adaptability and welcoming nature made me adore him/her more. He/she is not only motivating and supportive throughout but is also a great leader who’s worth following. I worked under [person name] and have learned a lot as a professional as well as a person. Under his/her guidance, I am sure the whole team will grow and stand out as great professionals.”

7. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Clients

Clients need to be flattered at all times. Since they are the ones who keep your business or organization running, it is important to keep them happy. Hence a recommendation for your clients should be crafted carefully.

  • Template 1

“When I was new to this company, [person name] was my first ever client. He/she specifically wanted to hire me so that I can handle all his/her legal issues. [person name] is not only calm and composed but also hard-working as he/she built a complete empire off his/her fortune. He/she has a lot of knowledge about the current market. He/she inspires me a lot with his/her experience and I was more than happy to serve him/her.”

  • Template 2

“[person name] is one of the best strategic thinkers and investors I have ever come across. [number of years] years ago, I started working with him/her to provide my services and help him/her out with his/her business. He/she is not only smart but also knowledgeable and hence his/her business is scaling new heights. His/her punctuality and will to work are commendable. He/she has a huge network across the market and shares a close-knit bond with everyone, which makes him/her a top choice to work with. As a professional and former collaborator, I highly recommend him/her to work with.”

8. LinkedIn Recommendation Templates for Developer

These are specifically for frontend and backend developers who develop codes to run various processes. Here are a couple of templates for them.

  • Template 1

“[person name] is one of the best programmers I have ever come across. He/she has many positive reviews from the clients he/she has worked with. He/she is immensely hard-working and his/her ability to meet deadlines is unmatched. His/her dedication to the job has given high results and increased the standards of the organization substantially. It is his/her attention to detail and thoughtfulness, which has resulted in many successful apps and websites. As another like-minded professional, I would highly recommend as well as endorse [person name].”

  • Template 2

“[person name] is a developer at his/her prime. With in-depth knowledge of the field and certifications of the highest order, his/her professionalism and understanding of things is highly appreciable. Not only is he/she professional but also passionate about his/her job, which has led to many successes under his name. It is my pleasure as well as honor to recommend [person name] for his commendable job.”


If you are writing a LinkedIn recommendation for the first time, it can be quite a task. But as soon as you master this technique and get accustomed to its structure, it will become easier for you. You would easily understand which parts should have what content and as a result, you would be able to create a superb recommendation in no time. At the end of the day, a well-crafted LinkedIn recommendation can give a much-needed boost to your as well as somebody else’s career. Try using the templates given above to harness its best benefits.

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