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How to Write a Crazy Effective LinkedIn Headlines: Best Examples and Expert Tips

How to Write a Crazy Effective LinkedIn Headlines: Best Examples and Expert Tips

LinkedIn has emerged as the biggest platform where millions of people have found jobs across all sectors around the globe. It has also come up as the top B2B sales prospect platform where companies have earned huge profits. Today, the connections made on LinkedIn are deemed valuable by millions of active users, be it students, recruiters, or job seekers.

The more you are viewed by a potential recruiter, the better are your chances of getting a successful job. The number of searches or profile visits also determines your reach and visibility. Just a social media visibility would also be quite helpful in finding a suitable job. Again, in-app engagement would also increase your reach and thus your chances of successful recruitment.

However, to maximize your reach, you would need an engaging profile. So how to have one? Well, a quick yet effective way to make your profile more attractive is the “Headline”.

Since the headline is the very first thing that an employer sees, you need a powerful headline that would churn the enthusiasm of a potential employer for you and make a move ahead. Having proper and catchy LinkedIn headlines will attract recruiters to your profile. The more they are interested in your LinkedIn headline, the better are your chances of getting connected to them, which will eventually improve your chances of landing a job with them.

You would find a lot of exciting LinkedIn headline examples online and use them as a reference to create yours.

Why is your LinkedIn Headline Important?

There are uncountable reasons why you should have a good LinkedIn headline. Here are some of the reasons why having an impressive LinkedIn headline matters. The importance of adding a headline to your LinkedIn profile would make you have it even more.

  1. The primary reason for having an attractive headline for your LinkedIn profile is to stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of the recruiter easily. Since LinkedIn is an open platform, it is quite natural that there will be a lot of other people with the same job requirement and yet another profile headline. Thus, a unique headline is necessary for standing out.
  2. A proper headline would automatically increase the overall reach and recognition, thus enabling you to engage more potential employers. This engagement would put an authenticity stamp on your identity and would eventually increase your chances of getting potential job offerings and calls.
  3. An interesting profile headline will up your chances of getting selected instantly. Be it the search engine visibility or LinkedIn visibility, with all the right keywords in your job requirement, you will have numerous options open for you.
  4. As you have a suitable headline for your LinkedIn profile, it will save a lot of time and effort for the recruiter while increasing your chances of getting hired. A headline is essentially a summary of your whole resume. Thus, it is that important part of your profile that gives a quick idea of your job profile and also describes your job title properly. Also, this streamlines the recruiter’s requirements. So more attractive your headline is, the better are your chances of getting noticed.
  5. The recruitment teams are mostly in a hurry to hire the right people. Though they give a thorough check to every employee’s details, they try to make the process quick. Hence, having an attractive headline creates a quick first impression on the employer and brings him to your profile, which does the rest of the job.

Types of LinkedIn Headlines

There are a number of creative LinkedIn headlines that you can use to attract potential recruiters from a plethora of companies. However, this number is too big to identify which one works best. So here we have listed some of the common yet effective LinkedIn headline examples that caught the attention across different categories of people.

For Job Seekers

As a job seeker, your primary aim is to stand out from the other million users who also seek a job in a particular role. For this, you have to keep yourself updated and stay unique and differently identifiable. To have that eye-catching headline for your profile, you would need the help of the internet where you can search for various important keywords about the particular job description and use them creatively to stand apart. Try to use these keywords in the right places in your headline and get recognized better. This is the best way to catch the attention of the recruiter instantly.

It is important to have proper keywords in the headline for optimized and better search results. They should be used in your job description too to make an impact and get found faster. Apart from that, you can also add your past job experiences, skills, and how you will be an asset to the company.

Example- Here we can take the example stating that you are a certified web developer and aim to join the online retail industry. Your main job is to take on new projects and carve them according to the company’s choice. The headline can be:

“Full-Stack Developer | E-Commerce | Creating 4 Operational Online Stores in 7 months”

For Recruiters

This is a different category of users on LinkedIn. As a recruiter, headlines are crucial to attract and influence potential employees. First of all, you would need to clear your post/designation in the particular company if you are a recruiter. Again, as a recruiter, your aim should be to promote the company and its positives.

For the recruitment pool, you can offer a variety or choose to be profile-specific for hiring potential and good candidates. A good rule of thumb, in this case, is to personally approach the potential candidates. This will create a positive feeling in the mind of the candidate and motivate them to work harder and perform better to keep the word. It would also create a long-lasting effect and a good reputation as a recruiter.

Example- “Internal Recruiter | Hiring exceptional and talented individuals for our developing organization”

For Students

As a student, using your milestones is key to having creative LinkedIn headlines. These milestones include degrees, extracurricular awards, outside works, internships, research, and more. Keep in mind to arrange them in chronological order for the designated person to understand them easily.

After the key points are covered, you can then provide the exact date of your graduation for ready reference. Apart from that, you can mention your various skills and overall experience for excelling in the future.

Example- “B.E Computer Science | Batch of 2020, June | Software Engineer | Python | JavaScript”

Top 10 LinkedIn Headline Examples that Follow Different Headline Structures

If you are looking to create some great LinkedIn headlines then you have to keep a couple of points in mind.

  • Use SEO-specific keywords that top the search engine results. This helps in easy recognition.
  • Efficiently communicate your values, services, and experience for the recruiter to judge you better.

Here are some of the headlines specific for particular job roles that you can use as a reference and put them to great effectiveness.

1. Headline for the Post of Company Head

This headline is especially applicable for those who have a lot of experience in a particular field. You would need to use proper keywords to get recognized by recruiters. The chances would go even higher if you are already experienced in managing a company.

Here a common keyword that you can use is “job role for company” denoting the particular job role and the name of the company you were previously working for. This keyword is only helpful for the post of authoritative personnel.

Example- “Executive Chairman at LinkedIn | Founding Partner at Next Play Ventures”

Headline for the Post of Company Head

2. Headline for Offering a Particular Service

This example can be used when you or your firm offers a certain type of service. The keyword for this type of job role is “we help X through Y”. This keyword is quite effective for a LinkedIn headline and can attract a lot of potential employers.

Again, by slightly moving away from the formal side, you can also use emojis to enhance the headline and explain your service or job role even better. Standing out through this is difficult; hence you need to carve out the headline very intelligently.

Example- “We Help You Create High-Impact Virtual Events That Build Community Online. While Growing your Revenue…”

Headline for Offering a Particular Service

3. Headline for CTA Outreach

This too indicates that you want to provide a service. It is great to have increased reach and avail maximum recognition. This headline directs the users to do something very easy and small like click a link for more details regarding something or sign up for a particular website to avail of the services.

This kind of headline is a great way to attract more leads to any homepage that you might be managing. Alongside this information, you can also mention your accolades and companies you have worked for so that people get better references.

Example- “Ready to grow? Click here | We can turn your personal brand into a LinkedIn lead machine | Forbes Top 12 Innovative Founders | 350M+ Views on LinkedIn | 5x Author”

Headline for CTA Outreach

4. Headline for Student

In case you are a student who is in search of a new job, you need a headline that is carefully crafted. As a student, your chances of getting a new job or internship are higher given that your qualifications are appropriate and you have a proper and attractive heading in your LinkedIn profile.

You can apply for various posts as a student based on your qualification, field of study, and specialization. Thus, you are open to a lot of options and recruiters will want to take you as a fresher.

The only thing you need to be careful about is to use proper keywords so that you can maximize your reach and get maximum recognition for a new job. You can also mention the year of your graduation alongside your job requirement and the skills you possess as a newbie.

Example- “Software Development Student | Seeking Full-Time Software Engineer Job | Java, PHP, JavaScript, C++ | 2020 Graduation”

Headline for Student

5. Headline for Job Seeker

As a job seeker, chances are high that you are unemployed. If you are wondering what to write on LinkedIn headline to create that much-needed impact, simply mention that you are unemployed. You would be quite surprised to know that while you have the unemployed keyword mentioned in your LinkedIn heading, the LinkedIn algorithm works differently.

As the search is done with the unemployed keyword, surprisingly the profiles are shown. The only problem with this is, there are millions of options that one has to compete with.

Again, if you are seeking a job transfer, you can mention your details, which can be even more interesting for employers. Also, do not forget to mention your qualification and experience if you have any.

Example- “Senior Digital Marketer | SaaS Product Marketing | Digital Transformation CRM | B2B and B2C Customer Experience”

Headline for Job Seeker

6. Headline for Recruiter

When you are a recruiter for a company, you either need to be a part of the HR (Human Resources) team or a top official of the company. While you create the headline denoting that you are a recruiter, it is important to mention the company or organization that you are working for to help candidates understand.

Again, it is also vital to mention the rewards and achievements one can get after you as a recruiter hire them for the particular company. You can mention the region of operation, your qualification, and accolades along with the qualification and experience required from the candidate.

Example- “EMEA Ad Tech Recruiter, Facebook. Hiring to make the world more open and connected”

Headline for Recruiter

7. Headline for Marketer

As a marketer, you will have to meet a lot of targets at the company you work for. In that case, do not shy away from displaying and mentioning all your achievements during your professional journey. You can use numbers and essential data in your headline to indicate what you have accomplished as a marketer.

Again, never forget to mention what would be your future goals and your services for the company that would recruit you next. Keep in mind to use the important keywords for maximum reach.

Example- “Growth Marketer at Lemlist from 0 to $4 million ARR || Ex-Head of Growth at Lempod (acquired) from $3K to $40K MRR in 7 months”

Headline for Marketer

8. Headline for Sales

As a salesperson, you too will have a lot of targets to meet, be it quarterly or annually. You would also have a lot of other jobs to do like handling accounts, train or head the team, and much more. So do not forget to mention every role you play to improve the organization as well as be productive.

Again, use targeted keywords for maximum reach and mention your experience alongside your qualifications. Add the value you have for your company and don’t forget to mention your job role with the company name for better reference. You can also mention the place of your operation.

Example- “National Sales Manager at Center Parcs UK | Sales and Service Delivery | Account Management | Operations | Project Lead”

Headline for Sales

9. Headline for Freelance Writers

Freelancing is an exciting job that can be done pretty much remotely. For a headline as a freelance writer, you can mention the projects you have completed as well as the clients you have served.

Keep in mind to mention the key areas or topics that you work on to keep the recruiter informed. You can also mention your achievements as a freelance writer. Do not forget to show the flexibility of your work, including the times you work at.

Example- “Freelance Writer for SaaS and E-Commerce Platforms | Forbes + Vogue Business Retail Contributor”

Headline for Freelance Writers

10. Headline for Engineers

As an engineer, the first point that recruiters would notice about you is your qualification. Do not hesitate to mention all the certifications you have as well as the colleges or universities you have attended. It would be even better if you mention the internships you have attended alongside all the projects that you have worked on while studying.

Use the suitable keywords for perfect reach and recognition among the top recruiters as they also check whether you have any previous experience as an employee. List the top skills and achievements to have a professional LinkedIn headline.

Example- “Mechanical Engineer | XYZ Company | 7+ Years’ Experience in EMEA | Strategy Development and Regulatory Compliance”

Headline for Engineers

What Type of LinkedIn Headline Mistakes Should You Avoid?

Since the headline in your LinkedIn profile serves a special cause, you should pay every attention to detail while curating it and provide the best information in a summarized manner. Here we have pointed out some of the most common mistakes that everyone makes and ones that you should avoid.

  • Using the Current Job Title

While the job title is an important component of your LinkedIn profile heading, using just that can be quite inadequate for potential recruiters. As a recruiter would look for the maximum information through your headline, do not shy away from mentioning all the skills, experiences, qualifications, and accolades you have alongside the job title and area of operation. Having this information serves the purpose of having a headline.

  • Not Having One

This is a big blunder one can do even if you have a highly decorated LinkedIn profile. This is the very first part that every employer sees before jumping onto the actual profile. LinkedIn, by default, sets the previous job title and company of operation if the headline is left empty, which can prove costly. Hence, to attract employers and to explain everything in a summarized format, always have a proper headline.

  • Avoid Using Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in creating the best headlines. They optimize the search results and get you the required recognition. If you do not use keywords, your profile does not get found when employers search for potential candidates for a particular job role. So your visibility through LinkedIn or search engine searches would increase dramatically with the use of proper and job-centric keywords.

  • Manipulating Information

Manipulating information or being dishonest with the displayed data is a crime. This is a common way employees burn their chances for overall career growth and development. Lying can lead to a lot of problems, which not just impacts your reputation online but also hampers your career as a whole.

What are LinkedIn keywords and why you should care?

Keywords play a pivotal role in LinkedIn profile headlines. They optimize how recruiters search and automatically improve your visibility and increase your reach if you use the right keywords. Keywords leverage the content of your profile headline and open a world full of opportunities.

Using the right set of keywords creates a good impression as a professional in the minds of a recruiter. Anything related to a particular industry, a qualification, or a certain skill can be determined as a keyword. It displays how professional you are and how knowledgeable you are regarding the recruitment process through LinkedIn or online search engines.

There is a specific reason why you should care about using the right keywords in your LinkedIn profile headline. As already mentioned, it significantly increases your visibility to potential recruiters and thus increases the number of opportunities and your chances of getting hired. Moreover, the use of the right keywords also gives your profile an edge over others, making it stand out from the rest.

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your LinkedIn Headline?

There are specific types of keywords based on the section you want to highlight on your LinkedIn profile headline. Before using them, you need to determine what area of your headline you want to enhance. Once done, you can then search for the best and most searched keywords for that particular section online.

The most searched keyword online is about the job roles or required position title. It shows the specific job roles an employee wants. The next most searched keyword is location. This can sound a bit surprising, but it is too good to be true. Location is an important aspect of a job and this is a common keyword searched regularly. Finally, skills and overall certification keywords are searched. This specifies skill-specific tasks that your job involves, whereas certification keywords explain your achievements throughout.

To carve out a creative LinkedIn headline, you need to carefully research these keywords and use them in the right areas for maximum recognition.


In a nutshell, headlines are important to make a mark on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is imperative to understand the importance of creating a proper and professional LinkedIn profile headline. These headlines hold all the keys for growth and development alongside opportunities that you need to have a successful and decorated career.

The headline is a powerful weapon that you can use to determine your career path. Even if you are highly qualified, have a lot of experience, and have held the mightiest of posts at the biggest of companies, if your LinkedIn profile does not have a suitable headline, chances of getting recognized online can be very challenging.

As a fresher or job seeker, a proper headline matters. A carefully crafted headline can open a plethora of new and exciting opportunities. Your LinkedIn profile headline is such an aspect that has the power to control every niche in the commercial industry, starting from students to recruiters and high-level officials.

Hence, for the perfect LinkedIn headline, you will find plenty of ideas online. You just need to learn how to use them efficiently to create your unique headline. Creating a professional and attractive headline is a cakewalk if you know all the loopholes and are experienced enough with the interface of LinkedIn.

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