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How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2021

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator in 2021

Today, almost 500 million business people across the globe are being benefited from LinkedIn, making it an incredibly valuable business resource. While it streamlines your social selling to some extent, its LinkedIn Sales Navigator can further help you narrow down your search for ideal customer profiles with its advance filters and tools. Thus, greatly increasing your chances of conversion.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a premium subscription-based service offered by LinkedIn for its customers who mainly deal in marketing and sales. Mostly sales executives use this service and are recorded to be the highest customers for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Launched at the start of 2014, this tool by LinkedIn continues to evolve and helping salespeople create more and better opportunities while improving their sales strategies. It consists of all the advanced features one might need to generate leads and boost business.

The tool is designed to help sales executives, professionals, and organizations build their network by identifying their prospects distributed across various online platforms including LinkedIn. Once a prospect is finalized, the sales team receives different alerts on their activities and the moves they make on LinkedIn. The Sales Navigator in LinkedIn allows businesses of all sizes to make connections with these prospects directly and pitch them with the different ideas while improving their LinkedIn lead generation.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be termed as the gateway to dive directly into LinkedIn’s enormous database and extensive networks consisting of the details of other fellow sales representatives. The tool provides a range of sales-specific insights and lets you take a targeted approach toward your sales efforts.  It enables you to make healthy connections, ones that can eventually be turned into leads.

Why to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If your sales team consistently works towards bringing in new leads, it’s obvious you must be using multiple tools and technologies every day. According to studies, 74% of B2B sales teams depend on LinkedIn for its advanced sales intelligence tools. Today, phone calls and emails aren’t enough to reach your prospects. In today’s time of digital selling, you need something quick to see instant results. And, this is where using LinkedIn Sales Navigator can make things easier. The tool doesn’t just make you smart enough to reach your prospects, but also helps you foster your sales along with aligning both your sales and marketing agendas on a single platform. Further, the tool’s top six features can add value to your sales and marketing efforts:

  • It lets you create a dynamic lead list for prospecting based on geography, company size, relationship, position and more. No need to plug into the tool all time, once you start using it, you will automatically get email notifications about leads.
  • With tool’s InMail feature, you can contact anyone on LinkedIn without a connection or contact information. Its other benefits include, saving a lead directly from your inbox, ability to see whether your message was declined or accepted, you can also look at the percentage of InMails that got accepted within 30 days.
  • Smart Links, this is another great feature of Sales Navigator that allows you to put a link to a document or a downloadable file or video, which you can insert in your InMail message. This feature of the tool lets you track metrics like whether the recipient clicked links and the number of times they clicked it, the amount of time spent by the recipient on the content, the date and time when the content was accessed by the recipient.
  • The tool keeps you alert on the leads and their activities.
  • With LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool, there is zero commercial use limits, unlimited searches, and you can send 100 connection requests per day.

When to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

If you are a sales representative who is using LinkedIn for sales leads, it is quite normal that you would reach the commercial monthly limit pretty quickly. This would eventually put a halt on your sales activities. This is where using a LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool is recommended.

Apart from getting unlimited searches, the tool has a lot of other advanced features and operations that would enhance your lead generation and conversion activities. The normal or free version does not come with all these advanced tools and features and it also limit the number of monthly searches. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you get to access the following features.

  • You will be open to using several advanced filtering features that extensively target the audience of your choice and the audience that can be potential leads.
  • You can extensively recommend sales leads, track the updates of your existing leads, and connect with other people who can be deemed as better potential leads.
  • You can use the various advanced filtering options that are not available on any other part of the platform, not even in the free and limited version.
  • You will get regular alerts regarding job changes and positions of your existing leads.
  • You will be able to use specific and industry-centric keywords and trigger words that are not open to use in the free version.

In this way, LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes a fantastic resource that simplifies your process of finding, contacting, and staying up-to-date with your customers, prospective buyers, and referrals. It lets you have instant insights into your sales activities without any manual tracking process.

Though intuitive, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can get complex and confusing at times. But once you get accustomed to its features, you can make full and efficient use of this tool. So let’s take a look at some of the best ways to use this tool.  It is designed for all kinds of businesses so anyone can benefit from using it. It comes in three plans: Professional, Team, and Enterprise. Each plan offers different features at a specific cost. All in all, using this tool is sure to take your social selling game to the next level.

How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Here we have discussed how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator with a detailed explanation of every step that comes with it.

Create an Account

The first step towards using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator is to create a professional and paid account that opens a plethora of advanced features and unlimited searches. As you open the account and go to the homepage, LinkedIn would ask you to import your existing contacts and connections as part of the leads. You can sync the contact details from other apps as well. After the contact integration is done, you can start saving the various individuals or prospective companies to track their whereabouts through the Sales Navigator.

You can always skip this part and add the companies later for further exploration of the Sales Navigator. Finally, you would need to fill in the filtering criteria, including the area of search, job title, industry, and other details.

create an account on LinkedIn

Search for Prospective Leads

After you are done with the initial step, build a list of all the potential leads and prospects through the Lead Builder tool which comes as a part of the paid membership version of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. With this tool, you can set extensive search parameters that return the most prospective results. Along with every individual result, an option named “Save as Lead” would be available that is used for saving the required lead for further communication, connection, and tracking.

You can even save a particular company as part of your leads. On the left side of the Sales Navigator screen, you would find various industry-centric filtering options whereby you can give the required parameters for suitable results. You can also use a tool named Team Link, again a part of the paid membership version of the Sales Navigator, which searches through a personal connection with any of the prospects and your team member. If a connection is found, introducing yourself will be easier.

Filter Your Preferences

Since the paid versions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator come with advanced features and search options, you can select your Sales Preferences within the tool. You can find this right in the middle of the settings page where you can give all your required preferences for a better and streamlined search. These preferences would appear as tags every time you visit a curated profile and you would also receive specially designed recommendations from LinkedIn based on the preferences you select.

You can use advanced search filters, including keywords, company, title, and various other parameters to have the most streamlined results which is practically the best method of generating healthy leads.

Filter Preferences

Regularly Check Your Saved Leads

The Sales Navigator is a powerful and efficient method of generating leads that provide you with all sorts of easy tools. As you visit the homepage, you would find the list of all the leads you have saved along with their current activity status and all supporting news and updates. It does not matter if these leads are your connections or not, you still can track their updates. The InMail option provided along with the Sales Navigator enables you to connect with them directly through messages and have simplified insights.

You can get more information about a particular company by clicking on the “View Account” option. You are open to using the Accounts tab to have insights on all the saved accounts alongside adding more if you want to.

Make Healthy Contacts

After you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, it is time to build a healthy connection with them. You can use the LinkedIn automation feature to send timely and personalized messages to your contacts to keep in touch with them. These automation tools are completely safe and free to use and takes care of all the processes that are required to maintain a proper connection.

Also, you can use the InMail feature to message them personally, but it would be a time-consuming method. Use efficient and effective methods to develop the best connections and generate better leads for healthy growth and development.

make healthy contacts on linkedin

Make the Most of Insights

The paid version of Sales Navigator provides several advanced features and you need the right knowledge to use them to their fullest potential. While you save or approach the leads you have selected, they are saved in the database with all their details. If you are someone who puts inbound LinkedIn marketing to extensive use, LinkedIn will automatically provide you with an array of details and information regarding a particular account.

These are called insights. Insights also consist of details about who all have visited your profile in the last few days, thus explaining the overall reach.

Provide Value to Your Prospects

Not all accounts fill out their “Interests” section. If your prospects fill out their “Interests” section, they have done half the job and helped you out. With all the preferences they put out in that section, you can use the following list of topics to build your work process:

  • A solid base that explains how their personalities and priorities are better and in a more comprehensive manner.
  • A complete guide on how you, the company you are working for, and the services you provide can meet what these prospects need.

Providing the appropriate value to your prospects is a brilliant step you can take towards your personal growth and development as a professional. Personalization of services is key and it is something that gives you a cutting edge over your competitors who merely look into the interests of their leads or prospects.

Make it a Chrome Extension

It is the easiest step, something that would save you time and effort. This makes opening and connecting your Google ID with your LinkedIn profile easy. This also enables a lot of features at just one click where you can access and track the details and updates about your leads as well as sync the Team Link data.

chrome extension

Who Should Use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Now that you know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you should know what all sectors or professions should use it for their extensive growth and development. Though this tool is available for all LinkedIn users, if you are a B2B salesperson, this tool can be of great benefit to you.

  • Anyone who is in direct B2B sales and marketing, is a sales team or a product-based company that pays attention to sales and marketing can make the maximum use of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. As a commercial salesperson or marketer, sales team or a product-based sales targeting organization, the services of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator would be quite beneficial for you. But before starting with this service, make sure that you have read all the policies and rules since it is a paid version.

  • Freelancers and small businesses can also use this tool for finding hot leads to sending their first connection message.

  • People who have a customer profile can also benefit from LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool as it helps them find people that are most likely to engage with their brands.

Like this, LinkedIn categorizes every user automatically for its LinkedIn automation services. User memberships are categorized accordingly into individual, team, and organizational users where LinkedIn Sales Navigator pricing is pretty much differentiated between every user as per the specific plans and their features.

You can easily find the complete price chart with all the cost breakdowns on the official LinkedIn website or app. It has all the necessary and detailed information regarding prices for an individual, a team or an organization alongside the list of features that accompany each paid membership for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

10 Best LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lead Generation Features

Since the paid version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an advanced tool coming with a lot of features, it is quite helpful to people who are directly into B2B sales and marketing. There are numerous major and minor features that can be and are useful at some point in time. Here we look at some of them that have a guaranteed use and are sure to generate leads that can become prospective customers and help the company grow and develop at a brisk rate.

Advanced Searching Options

In the free version of LinkedIn, the search features are quite low and limited and the search ends after a few uses. But with the premium or paid version of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, these options are advanced and the searches are unlimited. There are nearly 25 filters that you can apply while searching to streamline your results that match all your requirements. Even Boolean searches are available in this version.

advanced searching options

Among all these filters some of the best ones are listed and explained below:


These are those specific trigger words that are searched throughout the database and every time any of these keywords are a match, the supporting profile is shown. These are shown only in the cases of a leads’ profile that has or matches the keyword.


Geography purely means the location of a particular prospect. If you want results based on location you are operating currently, the results will be shown in that manner. If you are looking for some other areas, mention the location with that particular name and you will be shown results in that particular area.

Job Title

Job title or just job title is the position a particular prospect is working in. It can be any post and based on what you mention, the results would be displayed accordingly.

Size of the Company

This is when the list of a targeted audience comes in handy. The size of a company filter determines whether you want to limit your search to a startup, a corporation, or a whole organization that operates at a huge level and across a huge area.

Once you mark all the required filters and streamline your search, you will receive the obtained results. After receiving the results, you can then start to connect with all the necessary prospects and generate potential leads. You can connect with them manually or with the help of personalized messages through LinkedIn automation tools.

LinkedIn InMails

InMail is one of those features that come with the premium version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is LinkedIn’s email or direct messaging feature that only premium members can access. It is by far one of the most effective ways to connect with other users as well as all the prospective leads that you have saved or listed.

InMails are easier to notice since as you open the LinkedIn app or website and access your profile, it will be shown in a bright color. If you want to unlock the full potential of this feature, consider reviewing and studying the prospects’ profile closely to curate a particular message that will churn their thoughts and they would want to move ahead with you.

LinkedIn InMails

Alerts for Job Change

The premium version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives you regular alerts or notifications regarding the job changes your leads go through if any. This notification can be a great step to start a proper conversation and connect better with that particular lead personally.

You can use these alerts as a beginning message to start and connect with the lead and develop a healthy and professional relationship. This method helps even if you do not know the prospect in any possible manner, be it personally or professionally. Here you too can use the InMail feature or curate a personalized message through any LinkedIn automation tool.

Alerts for Job Change

Groups in LinkedIn

This is one of those highly improvised features that LinkedIn has launched recently. If you are part of a commercial or professional group on LinkedIn that contains more than 20 odd members, connecting with them becomes easy since they have some kind of knowledge about you. In most cases, it has been seen that if you try to connect with someone in a group that you are a part of too, the person is more than willing to have a proper conversation.

Groups can be separately searched on LinkedIn using specific keywords. With the Sales Navigator, you can also search for specific people in these groups to connect with. Messaging can be done manually where you can message everyone individually. However, you can use the LinkedIn automation tools to completely personalize and automate the process. Automating this process increases your chances of connecting and having a better result.

"View Similar" Option

If you want to streamline the way you search and reduce the efforts you put in, LinkedIn Sales Navigator has a special feature for you. Go to the Sales Navigator search bar and give the filter and obtain the results of the targeted market. Open any one of the results and there you would find an option named “View Similar”. This option helps you to get similar results according to the particular selection you made within a particular niche or a target market.

On average, around 100 similar results would be shown. It reduces the final effort as the results belong to the same niche you once approached. Hence, you can approach these results in a similar way without any need to wrack your brain with unnecessary ideas.

Filter Named "Posted on LinkedIn"

The “Posted on LinkedIn” filter is a special filter that comes with the premium version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It is used to find and identify specific content posted by your prospective clients on LinkedIn. All you need is to select this filter and select content related to a particular niche.

With this filter in action, you will get the results showing the content posted regarding that particular niche. You now have a proper topic to start a conversation with that lead and turn it into a prospective buyer or customer.

Tag the Required Prospects

Tagging is again one of those top features introduced in the latest premium version of LinkedIn Sales Navigator. If you have listed a lot of leads, you need to keep a track of them and get regular updates regarding their purchase processes and their priorities.

Tagging is a great option to track all your leads’ activities and get constant updates, alerts, and notifications. It saves a lot of time and effort while doing the exact work. This feature helps you to leave notes for every identified lead in the created list and notify you about their whereabouts.

Boolean Searching

If you have ever gone through digital electronics, you would have come across a topic named Boolean algebra. Every topic has some basic points and components. Boolean algebra has its basic components as AND, NOT, and OR. Through Boolean searches, you can use these three keywords to search for better and more streamlined results. This is how these keywords work:

Quoted String Searches

To find a specific niche of leads, you can use quotation marks over the word or words while searching. The search would automatically obtain results according to the query within the quotations. For example, if you search with the query “Marketing Head”, your results would show all the possible leads that hold that particular post.

Boolean Searching

NOT Searches

You can use the “NOT” keyword to omit specific words from your search query. This helps to display results according to your search requirement and points out only the necessary things. For example, you can use the query “Marketing NOT Head”.

not searches in linkedin

OR Searches

If you want results in a mixed form that contains keywords representing one or more niche, you can use the “OR” keyword for results accordingly. For example, you can type the query “Marketing OR Sales OR Finance” to have combined results from all these job titles.

OR searches in Linkedin

AND Searches

You can use the “AND” keyword to obtain results for all items included in a particular list that comprises multiple options. For example, type “Finance AND Marketing AND Accounts” in the Sales Navigator search box to obtain results about all these posts.

AND searches in Linkedin

Save Searches for Efficient Performance

If you are an active LinkedIn user, you will have to make a lot of searches, among which many would match your criteria. Thus, consider saving those searches to reduce your efforts for the future. If a group of profiles matches your criteria and you do not save them, you can face a huge problem later on to find them. Saving them gives you a list of potential leads and you can access their profile with just a couple of clicks.

Lead Management

This is quite a surprising feature in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Since a single search of yours can load thousands of results, managing their details and information can be quite difficult even if you automate every process. Here is when lead management comes in quite handy.

Lead management helps you to group specific profiles by some mentioned parameters. As you define these parameters, the saved leads go into these groups and you can easily point them out or receive the required information about them. This is one of those secret features many premium users of LinkedIn Sales Navigator do not get but can be quite useful if used properly.


To sum up, LinkedIn navigator for salespeople and marketers has come as a blessing. Though it is a premium service, many have already opted for it to boom up their careers and have maximum growth and development. It contains all the advanced features which the normal or free version of LinkedIn would not provide. At just a minimal cost, you can avail of all the services provided by the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Now that you know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, it is time to boost up your performance and handle all the developments like a pro. The tool is a modern way to generate healthy and prospective leads that can help your company grow. All you need to do is sign up, fill in your details, pay the required amount, and enjoy the advanced service that the Sales Navigator provides you throughout.

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