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How to Use LinkedIn Cold Messaging That Gets Responses + 10 Templates

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking platforms operated with the main aim of accommodating corporates, among which, a majority of them are salespeople and marketers. It is the best platform for salespeople and marketers in search of leads, where they can use various tactics and techniques to convert them into customers. It’s a great platform that connects professionals across various industries. It allows rather encourages cold messaging since cracking a deal with a connection that you do not know is quite difficult. Cold messaging forms a base where you can not only connect but also pitch your offerings to the other user and convert them into your client.

Cold outreach messages are a great way to not only initiate a connection with someone you do not know as a professional but also connect at a certain level where you can open an offer for them. For sending some of the best LinkedIn cold messages you need to follow a certain structure and an appropriate pattern where you do not sound too desperate and not pressurize the other person into purchasing your offer.

Here in this article, we will learn everything about cold messaging; the best tactics to use it, and some of the best LinkedIn cold message templates to win your potential clients. Always keep in mind not to copy the exact template. Instead, take structural ideas, formulate and personalize your content for every prospect to improve your chances of getting a reply and cracking the deal.

So let’s start with what LinkedIn cold messaging exactly is.

What is LinkedIn Cold Messaging?

Cold messaging is a common term used in the world of sales and marketing. It is used to describe the action of messaging a particular person who is not in your friend list and is also not familiar with you and can readily decline an offer instead of accepting. Any type of unsolicited and unverified message can be categorized under cold messaging. For example, spam messages are a raw type of cold messaging. But when the scenario comes to sales and marketing, the term spamming and cold messaging hold two different meanings. Spamming means sending messages to everyone irrespective of their response and interest. On the other hand, cold messages are sent to people who are deemed to be receptive and the chances of getting a response are positive.

Cold messaging and its subsequent techniques are exactly the opposite of warm messaging where messages are sent to those people who are already expecting a notification from you. Cold messaging and the leads gathered from them require a lot of attention since they know nothing about you or your product and hence the chances of getting declined are high. Unlike, warm leads that are ready for an offer from you and hot leads who are almost ready to purchase the product or service from you.

Top 5 LinkedIn Outreach Message Strategies that get Responses

LinkedIn Outreach Message Strategies

Here are some of the top strategies that you can use while sending a LinkedIn cold message and be assured of getting a positive response. These techniques are proven time and again and can be safely used for maximum results.

Content Retargeting LinkedIn Growth Hack

This is one of the most popular techniques among marketers. It is helpful when you aim to connect with a determined target audience. Reaching a particular target audience becomes a lot easier when this hack is implemented.

The overall process of following this technique looks somewhat like this:

  • First of all, you need to find a particular post from a social media influencer. This post should be a viral one; one that created some madness online.
  • Next, you need to create a full list of all the people who commented on it and particularly liked or reacted to that post.
  • Finally, use a certified and effective LinkedIn automation tool to reach out to them. Once you put in their details in the automation tool, it will scrape the web and derive their contact information on LinkedIn and then you can connect with them easily.

Facebook Group LinkedIn Outreach Growth Hack

This is one of the simplest LinkedIn outreach growth hacks that you can implement since it uses an easy-to-use and popular social media platform, Facebook. It is almost like the previous hack with the only difference that here you need to scrape the information from an active and popular Facebook group that is related to your industry. As long as a group like that exists, you can use this hack effectively.

Here is how this hack would unfold and work for you:

  • Find a specific Facebook group that you can not only target but also is related to the industry you work in.
  • Next, use a LinkedIn automation tool to scrape the information about the members of that particular group.
  • After the list of members is extracted, use the API function in the automation tool to find the accounts of those members who are also LinkedIn users.
  • Collect and upload the derived list on the automation tool’s campaign launcher. With this, you can eventually connect with all of them along with sending them personalized connection request messages.

LinkedIn Outreach Strategy that gets You Lights Years Ahead of Your Competitors

It is a complex and a bit different strategy from the previous ones. Not many companies use this technique due to its complexity. In this tactic, a hyper-specific audience is targeted. A particular tech stack is used to follow this tactic and target the audience. It is a highly lucrative method that makes your leads get attracted to how you perform where they would want to know more about how you gathered information about them. This eventually increases your reach as well as the chances of cracking the deal.

Here is how this technique works

  • Using a specific tech tool, filter websites across a particular nation that use common tools for targeting and lead finding.
  • Then use some good lead finder tools to upload the domain names from the CSV file and gather all information about those websites.
  • Now use the LinkedIn URL profile finder tool to convert the above names into LinkedIn profiles we can target.
  • Finally, use a LinkedIn outreach tool to reach out and connect to these leads successfully.

The Ultimate Omni Channel LinkedIn Growth Hack with Hyper Personalization

LinkedIn Growth Hack with Hyper Personalization

Just like the previous strategy, this is another out-of-the-box growth hack strategy that does not concentrate on LinkedIn for useful connections. It is different from other methods since it is completely focused on personalization. This process is also quite complex and takes some time.

Let us see how we can move across and put this process into place:

  • The first and the most important step in this process is to create a realistic, exciting, and relevant offer to the audience you are targeting.
  • Use a powerful LinkedIn automation tool to launch that post online. It would help that post to get maximum attention. Also, it is great to have some much-needed social presence.
  • Now when you have a huge list of comments on that particular post, use the automation tool to launch an outreach campaign and connect with them. Create a normal campaign if you are not directly connected and a messenger campaign if you are already connected to them.
  • Use this outreach tool to send outreach emails that are personalized according to the lead and its requirements.

With this strategy, you will be assured your emails have reached the right spot and they will get opened, and you are sure to get a reply.

Increase Brand Reach and Awareness with a PDF Lead Magnet LinkedIn Growth Hack

Lead Magnet LinkedIn Growth Hack

It is another great idea for a successful outreach campaign. Here a lot of tools are used including an automation tool to connect with the prospects on LinkedIn like an email deriving tool to scrape the email addresses of the suitable leads, Facebook Ads to retarget the already collected warm leads and include them in the campaign, and finally an all tool connector.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how it will work:

  • Yet again, create or design a realistic, exciting, and powerful offer.
  • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to gather all information about the target market.
  • Use the outreach tool to create a connector campaign and import the gathered sales information to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator search tab.
  • With an all-tool connector, connect these tools for smooth and synchronized work.
  • Next, create a custom Facebook audience and connect them to the previously created connector campaign.
  • Finally, use the Facebook Ads manager to upload a CSV list with some emails to the “Customer List” option there to create the audience.

The entire process might look complicated but this cold message outreach strategy is sure to pay you off in the end.

Tips for Writing the Perfect LinkedIn Cold Outreach Message

There are a lot of ways to write a LinkedIn cold outreach message. But more often than not, newbies make certain mistakes that cost them a whole deal. So here are some effective tips that would help you compose the perfect cold message.

Find Relevant Topics

One of the main benefits of using LinkedIn as a connection platform is that you can find a lot of relevant information about the other person’s job role, professional history, educational achievements, professional interests, and much more. If you come across a user who also happens to be your potential customer, make sure to check their profile thoroughly before connecting. This would provide you with sufficient relevant information and solid ground to connect on.

If the other person is an active LinkedIn user, go through the posts they share, the groups they are part of, their experience and post in a particular company, and try to find the common points of connection. When you compose the first connection message, you can use these points to connect better. This would show how attentive you were while approaching that person.

Check for an Introduction Through a Mutual Connection

After you find a potential client on LinkedIn, check for a mutual person who is connected to both. This automatically makes connecting easier and quicker. The mutual connection can introduce you to the customer. A better option is to create a complete LinkedIn group comprising the three of you. As the introduction part is completed smoothly, you both can then communicate separately.

Keep it Short and Simple

short and simple

While you send cold messages on LinkedIn, consider them as quick messages and not complete emails. Hence keep your messages short and simple instead of writing a huge paragraph. The length and ease of a paragraph are key determiners in whether you are going to convert the lead. Thus, try using relevant details in the shortest manner to make the most out of your connection.

Try to be warm and welcoming while writing the short message. Though it can be very challenging, you need to manage in order to have success. Do not write pressurizing words. Instead, highlight points from their profile and find a common interest to connect better.

Sell at Last

While you use the technique of cold messaging, selling in the very initial stage is very dangerous. This can easily put the other person off and ruin your complete deal. Instead, focus on building a good connection first. As you keep on building a good rapport, the chances of selling go higher automatically. Selling in the initial stages of the conversation can be pressurizing and can put the customer on a back foot. Thus, save the selling for the last part. After you are close enough professionally, pitch your idea. The later process is going to be smoother than usual.

Make the Conversation Interesting Enough for them to Reply

While you initiate a conversation, your main focus should be on having a constant relationship. Make it exciting and interactive enough so that they stay active and have enough reasons to reply and carry on the whole conversation. A great way to do that is by adding an interactive question at the end of the message. Questions on common interests, a particular experience, and other topics like this can get you a reply easily. You can also ask for some advice on a related topic from the prospect who would want to help you and hence you get a chance to continue this conversation.

Stay Connected and Follow Up

Stay Connected and Follow Up

When you have a list of multiple contacts in the form of leads that you are reaching out to, it is very important that you keep track of all of them. As you track them, make sure to check for a reply. If you do not find a reply, consider following up within a short period. This will help you stay connected and pitch better.

10 Best Cold Outreach Templates for LinkedIn

Since writing a cold message can be quite confusing at times, here we have listed the 10 best LinkedIn cold message templates that you can put to some effective use and make the best out of your deal.

For the Mutual Friend

“Hi, [person name]. I recently saw that we have a mutual connection with [mutual connection name]. Can I know how you know him/her? Just for your information, we did our graduation together.

Now that we are connected, I would love to exchange some great ideas since we are part of the same industry.”

For the Common Group Connection

“Hello [person name]. Saw that we are part of the same group [group name]. Since we share the same industry and you are quite experienced in your field, I would love to connect more.

We can share some ideas with each other as I am always fond of like-minded individuals.”

For a Connection in the Common Field

“Hello [person name]. I am from the same industry as you and like viewing your work. It has really impressed me. Seeing this exquisite job, I would like to exchange some ideas as well as strategies. [write a proper question related to the industry or share a piece of advice].”

For the Hiring Manager

“Hi [person name]. I saw that you are the hiring manager at [company name]. I am one of the employees at the [industry name] industry and possess some skills like [add skills]. Does that match the type of your recruitment? If so I would love to work for the company and serve them with my expertise. Hope you consider that.”

To a Random Person

“Hello [person name]. I was scrolling through LinkedIn and your profile caught my eye through a [group, mutual friend, post]. Going through your job profile and experience, I would love to learn more about the [industry name] you work in. Hope you cooperate in that case.”

Hyper Personalized Message Template

“Hey [person name]. I am a great fan of your company and have been following it for some time now. The [enter achievements, observations] are great. I belong from [company name] in the [industry name] industry. I have got the right kind of solution for your company to thrive. [enter the solution briefly]. To know more, visit my website [website name] and help the situation out.”

As a Job Seeker

“Hello [person name]. I am [your name] from [company name]. I have been an ardent follower of your company for the past few months and wish to work for it. [add some experience of yours]. I am sure that my skill set can help your company achieve new heights. In case there is a job opening for [job role], consider an application from my side as I would be more than happy to work for your company.”

As an Intern

“Hi, myself [your name}. I am currently a student of [enter year] at the [university, college name]. I have been following the developments at your company and would love to work as an Intern here. The experience I would gain would help me in my future endeavors. As I possess skills like [enter skills], I am sure that I would be more than helpful. Hoping for a positive reply.”

Follow Up Message

message follow up

“Hello [person name]. I clearly understand that you have a busy schedule. But I would love to make some connections and have a conversation on [enter topic]. Previously I mentioned that [enter a line worth replying]. Feel free to reply whenever you are free.”

For an Influencer

“Hi [person name]. I was going across my post and found out that you reacted/commented on it. I love to connect with my audience and you seem to be the perfect person with whom I can exchange some thoughts and ideas. Here are the links [add links] to some of the similar posts I have shared previously. Feel free to go through them and share your feedback and valuable thoughts.”

Keep in mind, at the end of every message you send, do not forget to add the word “Regards” followed by your name. This would not just help the receiver recognize you easily but will also reflect your respect towards them.


When you set the sail with the aim to generate leads for your organization, you should know that it takes time and a lot of effort. Cold messaging can be quite nerve-wracking at times, mainly due to the loss of words. But not to worry, with these common yet popular and effective cold message outreach templates, you can reach your leads in the best way.

Make sure to personalize these templates according to your need and the character of the other person. It would show that you care for everyone professionally and are ready to spend some time dealing with business. Make your every message count! Just follow the right strategies.

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