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How to Find Your LinkedIn SSI Score

How to Find Your LinkedIn SSI Score

Business professionals always needed a platform dedicated entirely to them to help them develop themselves in their profession. And, any professional need is known to be catered by LinkedIn today. You can easily meet new, like-minded business professionals now or help your sales teams generate qualified leads using the platform. There are a number of advanced tools that help you grow and explore daily. Among them, the LinkedIn Social Selling Index is one such impactful tool that is making a difference.

LinkedIn is often ignored as a major player in terms of networking or social marketing. However, you cannot ignore the platform if you want to connect with the best leaders around the world. Today, users have moved beyond using it for just searching jobs. They use it as a social selling tool. They move around having conversations that are organic and where you can endorse your products and services without being too pushy. This often leads to having direct sales conversations and does not involve any traditional sales pitching.

Hence, it is natural for LinkedIn to become the home to very intelligent discourse on fields and disciplines like digital transformation, marketing, manufacturing, corporate culture, and several others. The networking event does not stop at all and your LinkedIn SSI score is just your ability to scale up the efforts you are putting in online.

What is a LinkedIn Social Selling Index Score?

When you are strategizing anything, you need to have a proper base of analytics and metrics that will let you know about your progressions. This will further empower you to refine and improve the strategies and reapply them again. Salespeople and businesses need to identify the opportunities that are lying ahead, measure the rate of their success, and likewise tailor their approach towards it. With the help of a LinkedIn Social Selling Index score, you will have the benefit of doing all this precisely. The tool is a critical metric in case you are trying to find new leads.

So your SSI Score is defined as a measure of your effectiveness in establishing your brand while finding the right people to engage with using important insights and building lasting relationships. 

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index score is updated daily so you have the scope for regular improvements. 

social selling dashboard

You can understand your rate of success using this tool while you are developing your brand online. The combined results of these four aspects will help you understand an overall measure of how effectively you are using LinkedIn and what best results they are delivering.

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index was created back in 2014. It was a time when there was a growing need for social selling online. The platform adopted the importance of the aspects and let the users know how effective their sales efforts and performance were.

How important is it?

The LinkedIn Social Selling Index score helps you to measure how fruitful your efforts have been in social selling. But how do we understand its actual importance? Here are some stats about the tool directly from LinkedIn and they will help you understand its importance.

  • There are 78% of social sellers who are outperforming their peers regularly that are not present on social media.
  • The salespeople who have high and leading SSI scores unlock 45% more opportunities in comparison to those who have lower marginal scores.
  • The social salespeople who have very high SSI scores are 51% more likely to meet their sales quotas as compared to the ones who do not have.

How to find your SSI score?

Let’s find out what your LinkedIn social selling score is and how it is calculated. Knowing your score will help you understand how effective your current efforts are in deriving the business and how well you are searching for new connections. Your score will also tell you if it is ideal for you to export leads and work upon your analytics and insights.

  • You need to first log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Next, navigate yourself to the section.
  • You will then receive the view of an entire dashboard that has all the key metrics and your SSI in it.
social selling index

Things are pretty smooth and easy for LinkedIn to automatically calculate the scores on your behalf. You do not need to do anything outstanding to receive your score and you can just look at the LinkedIn SSI score information that is sent to you.

Once you know what your score is, you can start making improvements in the areas that you are lacking. You can also improve your SSI scores if they are low. Here are some ideas that will help you improve the index.

  • Create resourceful and engaging content that will keep your targets hooked to your brand.
  • Spend a minimum of 10 minutes a day on the platform interacting with the sales navigator and deriving valuable insights.
  • Spend time filtering out and picking out the leads that are right for your brand. Help yourself build the right relationships with them.
  • Try establishing yourself as a professional brand by increasing engagement with various groups of professionals.

These are very straightforward aspects, yet they go unnoticed or ignored by most of the sellers on the platform. It is for sure that if you fail to establish engagement with your insights, you will not be able to improve your scores. As a whole, it will affect your sales grossly.

LinkedIn SSI is measured by these four key things

components of social selling

With high LinkedIn SSI scores, you are more likely to be placed in a better position to make effective leads and sales calls. There are four distinct pillars of the SSI score that contribute to about 25% of your overall score. Hence, each section is equally important to make your mark. Here are the key considerations for calculating your score:

Establishing your brand

You must be focused on building your personal brand around your customers and clients. You can do this effectively by creating content and articles that are very much relevant to your industry and resonate well with your target market. You can also comment on trending topics and showcase to the world that you are a very thoughtful leader.

Connect with relevant people

You can easily connect with a large repository of LinkedIn users but you need to filter out your connections in a way that they will be genuinely providing value to your sales efforts. You can connect with the relevant and right user base by using the site’s search tools, keywords, and filters. The best connections you have online, the better will be your sales results evident. Also, try staying relevant to the industry and your target demographics while connecting.

Engage with insights

The insights of every type are provided by the platform and also help you get the ideal analytics. This will help you understand who your ideal client base is and who all fall in a similar category within the industry. Likewise, you can start sourcing the leads. You can also use the analytics to engage with the groups and you will soon have expertise that will be worth sharing.

Fostering relationships

LinkedIn is a social media platform that can be ideally used to build and foster relationships. But maintaining them is a key aspect that people always miss out on. You can use it yourself or use lead generation platforms to find and make relationships that will work best with your brands. You can involve your industry’s key players to strengthen your ground.

4 pillars of social

How to use LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index?

What most people fail to understand is that LinkedIn’s social selling index is not a fancy metric. It is a way by which the platform pushes its Sales Navigator for the people to use it effectively. You can indeed do a lot with your LinkedIn’s SSI but here’s why you should be using it in the first place.

Measuring personal branding

You can use the SSI holistically to understand the strength of your branding and what more you need to do to strengthen it. You can understand your position and take actionable steps henceforth. If you can measure your efforts, it will be easier for you to manage the outcomes too. You will be able to move past your peers way before they can even understand that. With consistent improvement in your measures, your score will also get better and you can achieve your goals better.

Identifying areas of improvement

If you think that you are reigning over LinkedIn, you might be mistaken. You might not be making enough new and valid connections or might not even be posting a lot of relevant content on your feed. These cases will lead your score to lower down and the SSI will point you out the areas, which require immediate improvement.

Using it as a benchmark

You can probably use the LinkedIn Social Selling Index score as the best method of benchmarking your progress. It will help you compare your profile to the others within the industry and those that are present within your network. A quick yet detailed glance will let you know your current position as compared to theirs.

Besides these, it will also help you track your performance better using personal scores. This will help you grow organically as a social seller. As a result, increasing 37% of the opportunities coming your way that you can use to strive towards excellence.

How to improve your SSI

Your SSI score is updated daily so there is always a scope for you to improve it and lead on a better front. Here are listed certain strategies that will help you increase your performance effectiveness on the platform.

  • Fill out your profile completely

To increase your SSI, this is the first and the best step to proceed with. Fill out your LinkedIn profile completely. Add a profile picture, add a bio, insert a relevant job title, education and skills, and request recommendations from your colleagues. You can also add your work in the featured section. Your SSI score can jump high with just this basic information.

  • Connect with the right people

You need a good circle on LinkedIn to qualify. As the quantity matters here, so does the quality and hence, you must remember to not send invites to anybody and everybody on the platform. You can send invites to people whom you know personally, who are the leaders in your industry, who have worked with you, or the people who can be your potential buyers.

  • Post targeted content

You can increase your SSI score easily by posting quality, relevant content. This will help you improve your branding and build efficient relationships.

  • Engaging with your network

Engage rightly with the network that you have just built. Be in regular touch with a good percentage of your circle and this will prove to the LinkedIn algorithm that you are committed to building relationships. This does not mean that you can go about sending spam messages. Aim to interact with the industry leaders and engage with their content thoroughly. With this, you will surely be able to strike up a valuable conversation. It is revealed that the more you engage, the higher will be your SSI score.

  • Your personal LinkedIn page is the key

When you are venturing into doing business, your page is also going to serve as an important channel for media communications. You can share the company news and content through your page and it will have a much greater chance of generating sales. This is even better as compared to the engagements posted through the company’s page. This is because selling is all about generating relationships and nurturing them till the end. Before venturing into social selling on LinkedIn, you must check if your profile is ready to amalgamate with your target masses. Here’s how it can be done:

  • Profile photo- You do not need to have a professional headshot on your profile photo, to begin with. It can be an accurate image of how you appear as a business person. It will help you get a better engagement thread to begin with.
  • Headline- You can always write a couple of lines that will help you stand out from the rest of the profiles.
  • Summary– You need to keep this short and focused to the point where people will be glued to your profile. This can also be an elevator pitch and it must be about you and not your product.
  • Experience- Nobody is truly interested in knowing what you had done in your last job or maybe 10 years ago in this particular field. You can instead boil down your experiences and summarise them into an attractive one-liner. You can also add points of your accomplishments to attract your target audience.
  • Using LinkedIn for account-based selling

Your personal account is ready by now and you can start with your engagements. But you also need to include social selling as an important part of your account-based marketing strategies. You can start doing this by identifying who your prospective clients are. Then start with identifying the decision-makers whom you need to connect with. You can even follow them to get their regular updates on your feed. There might be many aspects where you can join their conversation impromptu and can align yourself with your offering. You cannot directly approach them with just a cold call or cold messaging and you need to establish how genuinely you are interested in them. This is how you can convert a general connection into your lead.

  • Inbound marketing on LinkedIn using social selling

For improving your inbound marketing strategies and driving organic leads to your team’s database, you need to have a better insight into your social selling dashboard. This will be the best way to connect with your leads. You can start sharing more information with them about your role and company and industry as a whole. You need to be brave enough to voice out your opinions and thoughts publically to help the entire industry understand your core values better. You can also start forming interesting stories around your successful projects and draw more eyeballs towards you. These tactics are going to help you stand out from the rest as an inbound marketer who uses social selling wisely.

In short, you need to do everything that will measure your content engagement over the LinkedIn platform. You can take your time to post certain longer pieces at least once a month and that will drive your engagement towards higher metrics. You can also start using highly relevant hashtags on your articles and posts. This will help others who are interested in you find you easily and increase the engagement on your posts.

While social selling is all about building relationships and conversations, start taking interest in replying to the comments that are lined up on your posts. You can also ask them follow-up questions and share great posts. This is how you will drive organic engagement in your favor. In this way, you will be left back with leads that align well with your business approach and will also get converted as valuable customers. All this will incessantly drive your LinkedIn Social Selling Index higher.


It is by now evident that the LinkedIn Social Selling Index score is a valuable insight to any salesperson who is using it. It gives you the details of your productivity on the platform and your rate of conversions. 

With the concepts of social selling becoming more popular, it is now more important to position yourself as a productive social seller. You already got a detailed overview of how the four metrics can be used to understand a detailed breakdown of your efforts. Likewise, you can scale up or down your strategies. The stats of your progress are updated constantly and hence, the changes that you will make will be meaningful and would require just minor adjustments.

If you are fairly new to the platform and if you oversee the sales operations, there are multiple steps you can take to boost your LinkedIn score. As the entire platform is built around the idea of making and keeping connections and relationships, you can also start by doing the same. This will prove beneficial for everyone on the platform. You can build your personal branding in such a way that it will stand out from the rest and help you generate effective leads.


What is a good LinkedIn SSI score?

100 is the highest SSI score that you can achieve but this is not a very realistic aim. Most of the salespeople go ahead targeting the 70 or 80 benchmark score. This is the point where you can outperform most of your peers, in all the separate 4 areas of concern.

Is LinkedIn SSI free?

The LinkedIn SSI is a free grading system that most people are still unaware of. You need to sell to attain your targets and you can do so easily using this feature of the platform. This is completely free to use and you need to know the tactics to grow your score.

How do I increase my SSI on LinkedIn?

There are a proven set of steps that you can take to improve your SSI score on LinkedIn. To improve your social selling index:

  • You can create and engage your audience with interactive content and articles through your feed 
  • You can also join certain groups and contribute to the enriching discussion they have
  • Have 100% completed profile
  • Put a professional-looking profile photograph
  • Build relationships
  • Carry out smart searches
  • Identify better prospects
  • Engage with insights

What does SSI mean on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has been describing its SSI as the first-of-its-kind social selling measurement. It is a Social Selling Index Score that rewards 25 points for each of its four important pillars (Branding, Finding the right people, Engaging with insights, Building relationships). In short, it measures your effectiveness in using these four points and accordingly gives you a score.

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