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How to find investors for your business/startup

How to find investors for your business/startup

Finding investment is one of the most tiresome activities.

Here is a nice way to reach the right investors using Linvo.

1. Building an excel sheet

Let’s say you are Linvo.
You want to find and approach Investors that might be interested in your niche.
In case you were thinking to do a broad outreach with Linvo – Let me stop you there. It will not work.

First, Open an excel sheet.
It should look something like that:

Now let’s get to work.

Open Crunchbase, Signal, and other investments websites.

And start looking for investments in your Niche.

It is important to look for the following factors:

  • When was the last investment? 
  • Are they actively investing in startups?
  • Does the company still exist? 
  • Are they successful?
  • Did they raise the next round?

That’s pretty important, Don’t waste your time.

Add it to the excel sheet.

2. Find the startup / business founder

So you have the list of VCs, that’s great.

But it’s not enough.

There can be hundreds of partners in the company, you need to find the most relevant one.

This is where Linvo comes to action.

Find the founder on Linkedin and add him to a separate CSV file.

Now start filling in your CSV file with founders.

Go to Linvo, Create a campaign and load the CSV file.

One of the best connect messages I like to put is

Why? Because it has a very high conversion rate.

Trust me I did it before.

3. Finishing

Now that we are connected with the founder we can open the VC company page and see who are the people the founder is connected with inside the company.

From here you have a few options:

  • Making the research about the partner and address him on Linkedin.
  • Connecting with the partner from a separate account, grab his email and message him.
  • Use some tool like Lusha to find his email and message him.

Best of luck in finding your next investment!!!

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