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How to Export LinkedIn Contacts and Re-use Them?

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts and Re-use Them?

LinkedIn only works best when you have the proper connections in it. Today, there are a lot of methods through which you can get leads and expand your connections on LinkedIn. Outreaching is crucial to achieving success through LinkedIn. But sometimes the best outreach campaigns are the ones that include the contacts you are already connected to. Since they mostly share a common topic of interest, it is helpful to have a better reach. Luckily, LinkedIn has you covered in this regard. The platform provides you with an option to export these already existing contacts and re-use them for further nurturing.

You can export the entire of contacts into a spreadsheet file and can eventually use it to launch an email campaign for the contacts you have. It can also be saved as a backup file in case your account gets suspended. You can also share it with your sales team to initiate the next sales campaign with these contacts.

The only problem with this long list of warm leads is that you cannot send personalized messages for every contact you have since it takes a lot of time and effort. But the good news is LinkedIn has tools for that too. This article here will help you have a clear idea about how to export LinkedIn contacts and re-use them for sales campaigns with personalization at its best.

How to Export LinkedIn Contacts?

Exporting the existing contact information from LinkedIn can be very helpful for an extensive outreach campaign. You just need to follow some basic steps to export contact information from LinkedIn. It is not at all complex and you can gather all the important information easily. 

Here is a quick explanation of how to export LinkedIn contacts. 

Step 1- Open the LinkedIn app or website, whichever is accessible and log in to your account.

Step 2- As you land on the homepage, you will find an option named “My Network” available on the top of the homepage.

how to export LinkedIn contacts

Step 3- Under the “Manage my Network” drop-down menu, click on the “Connections” option to access the connections and contacts you have.

download connections

Step 4- As the next page loads after clicking the “Connections” option, click on the “Manage synced and imported contacts” option.

import contacts

Step 5- On the right side of your screen you would find an option named “Advanced options”.

Step 6- Under the “Advanced options” menu, you would find an option named “Export contacts”. Click on that option to export the necessary contacts.

advance actions

Step 7Here you can export the information that you feel is suitable. If you want to export information about your LinkedIn contacts, select the “Connections” option.

export connections

Step 8- After you have selected the required option, click on the “Request Archive” option. You would need to enter your password for confirmation. Once you are done with these steps, wait for the email that LinkedIn would send with the requested information.

Step 9- As you receive the email, click “Download it with this link” to get the requested information. Here you will find all the data regarding your contacts. You can also download LinkedIn contacts into Excel files.

download LinkedIn contacts into Excel

Step 10- As you click on the given link to download the required data, you would be redirected to the LinkedIn page and into the “Data Privacy” section of your account. From there, click on the “Download Archive” file and your file would be downloaded in a CSV file format. You can access your data from this file thereby.

data privacy

If you view the data through a spreadsheet file, the data would be arranged in the following manner considering the LinkedIn contacts

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Company name
  • Position or designation
  • Date of connection between the two

Import an Address Book

Importing an email address book or a contact address book is suitable when you are just starting to experience the services of LinkedIn. By importing an address book, you can connect with the contacts in your phone that have not yet connected with you on LinkedIn. These would be specific contacts who are already LinkedIn users. It is a great way to expand the list of your connections on LinkedIn. 

As you sync the phone contact book, LinkedIn automatically identifies the ones using this platform and provides you with an option to connect with them. The best part about this feature is you can stop syncing the contacts anytime. Simply turning off the syncing feature will automatically stop LinkedIn from having access to your phone’s contact list.

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how you can import your phone’s address book and sync the required contacts.

Step 1- Open your LinkedIn account from the website or app and log in with the required credentials.

Step 2- Click on your profile picture and then click on the “Accounts” section.

Step 3- Under the “Account” section you will find an option named “Account Preferences”.

Step 4- Under the “Accounts Preferences” section, you will find the option tagged as “Syncing Options”.

Step 5- After you click the “Syncing Options” menu, you will find the option of “Sync Contacts”. Click on this option to sync the required contacts.

Step 6- Along with the “Sync Contacts” option, there is also an option named “Sync Calendar”. Clicking on it will sync your calendar tags and reminders with LinkedIn. You can manage your LinkedIn operations by selecting the “Sync Calendar” option.

account preferences

Step 7- Finally, select the location of the contacts you want to sync from to LinkedIn. 

Import LinkedIn Contacts into Gmail

If you are a regular user of LinkedIn, you must have a lot of connections on the platform. It is a wise idea to keep these contacts imported and saved into your Gmail contacts section. This serves as a backup in case you lose your data or your account is suspended for some reason. 

Here is a detailed explanation of the steps you need to follow to import the LinkedIn contacts to your Gmail account.

Step 1- Download the LinkedIn contacts in a CSV file format as explained above under the “How to Export LinkedIn Contacts” heading.

Step 2- Open Gmail through the website on any search engine. Login to your Gmail account with the required credentials.

Step 3- You will find an icon named “Apps” in the top right corner of the screen that opens after you log in to your Gmail account.

Step 4- After you click the “Apps” option, a list of other options would come up. Click on the “Contacts” icon at the end of the list, which represents the contacts saved in your Google account.

Step 5- As the next page opens after clicking on the “Contacts” icon, click on the “Import Contacts” option that can be found in the middle of the screen.

Step 6- You will be given an option to upload a file containing the required contacts. Click on the “Upload” option and select the CSV file that was downloaded previously from the sources in LinkedIn.

Step 7- As you upload the downloaded CSV file from LinkedIn, the contacts are automatically synced within the Google contacts section. You can also directly access these LinkedIn contacts from your Gmail account.

What Can You Do with Your List of Connections?

Once you export your contact lists from LinkedIn, you can use them for n number of purposes. Here’s what you can do with it:  

  • Use it as a Backup in case your Account is Suspended

Your account might get suspended or restricted due to various reasons. In that situation, your data won’t be saved including your contacts, which can be a big loss. However, if you export all your LinkedIn contacts and save them as a CSV file for a backup somewhere else, you can easily get them back when you make a new account. You can access the saved file and send connection requests from that particular list to resume your conversations. Since you were in connection before, connecting again would not be a problem. 

  • Add People to your Contacts

If you have been using LinkedIn for a long time now, having a well-established and expanded list of connections is quite common. So if you have a good rapport with your existing contacts, building a strong network is quite easy. You can easily add or save their contact details on the device you use LinkedIn on. This helps you have a proper reference for all the contacts whenever necessary.

  • Add People to your Email List or Outreach Campaign

After you have exported all the contacts from LinkedIn, give a quick look at the list you have acquired and shortlist the most relevant ones. You can use these shortlisted contacts to launch an email outreach campaign. Since not all of them would understand or be interested in your products or services, selecting the suitable ones is a wiser option. Again, launching an outreach campaign with the contacts you already know would be easier as they know all about you and your products. But make sure you pitch the right contacts and reach out to relevant leads only. 

Automated Outreach of Your Exported LinkedIn Contacts

Even though you have your contact list ready and have an attractive offer, you would need a powerful automation tool to maximize your outreach. There are several verified third-party automated tools available on the web that can help you scale out your campaigns:

  1. Linvo
  3. Phantom Buster
  4. Sales Intel
  5. Dux Soup

Use any of these LinkedIn automation tools to automate your outreach campaigns. You can purchase a premium membership of the tool of your choice and unlock all the advanced features for maximum results. Some of the benefits of using automated tools are:

  • You can automate the process of sending connection requests and follow-up messages after you connect with a suitable user on LinkedIn.
  • You can automate personalization and send hyper-personalized campaign images based on the progress of your campaign.
  • You can extensively choose your target audience or import it from LinkedIn.
  • You can connect these tools with the CRM you use for a better and more advanced experience.
  • You can use dynamic placeholder tags for a better outreach apart from basic tags like first name and last name.

And the list goes on.

Initially, you would require two different types of campaign holders when you start with a LinkedIn outreach campaign. They are:

  • Connector Campaign- This is specifically to make new and updated connections and expand the existing network on LinkedIn.
  • Messenger Campaign- This is specifically to message the users you are already connected to on LinkedIn. This helps to develop a stronger professional bond.

As we are talking about already exported contacts from LinkedIn, we will be concentrating on the messenger campaign only. With the following steps, you will get to know how you can re-use the exported contacts from LinkedIn. You can re-use them to launch a messenger outreach campaign and generate more and better leads.

Step 1- Open the automation tool you are using and log in to your account before starting the operations.

Step 2- On the left side of the screen, an option named “Campaigns” would appear which looks after all the campaigns ever initiated and also has options for initiating new campaigns.

Step 3- Under the “Campaigns” menu you will find an option named “Add Campaign” that enables you to initiate a new campaign.

Step 4- Under the “Add Campaign” option, you can either go with adding new connections or start your campaign with existing connections. 

Since you have entered a new campaign, you will not see any contacts there in the beginning. But there are some easy steps that you can follow to add the required contacts to the campaign. You can also easily add the exported contacts from LinkedIn.

Step1- Within the new campaign screen go to “Searches” and click on the “New Search” option to search for existing contacts and add new ones.

Step 2- Next, select the option that would appear with the name of “Import Contacts from CSV”. Here you can upload the CSV file that you previously downloaded, containing the contacts and their details from LinkedIn. The uploading process would take some time; hence you need to wait patiently.

Step 3 After all the contacts are uploaded successfully, you will find a list of connections, primarily your target audience to whom you can send follow-up messages to connect better.

There are some specific ways you can reach out to the added contacts and connect with them on LinkedIn. Some of the methods are discussed below:

  • Differentiate the contacts from your list and explain to them about the new product or service you are offering. Check out their interest level and pitch further accordingly.

  • Take a specific niche of the industry and sort out the CEOs of various companies in that particular niche. Reach out to them with your ideas.

  • A very easy method of endorsing your LinkedIn profile is by reaching out to your 1st-degree connections. Explain to them about your methods to optimize your LinkedIn profile and ask them to endorse you. You should also endorse them in return.

  • Within the automated tool, make use of specific keywords to tag your contacts of choice. This helps to segment proceedings and have a better grip over the operations in your outreach campaign.

Top 3 LinkedIn Contacts Outreach Campaigns

Outreach campaigns need to be attractive and exciting to generate leads and get converted into customers. Here are three hacks that you can use to have a successful outreach campaign.

  • An Omnichannel Growth-hack Using Hyper-Personalization 

It is a campaign specifically directed towards the contacts you previously know. It is easier to grab their interest and pitch a particular sales idea. This example can be considered for a new e-book that you recently launched regarding marketing ideas.

  1. Set up a specific messenger campaign template that you can use to send your contacts. This template should be devised in such a way that the receivers can give feedback for the product.
  2. Design a personalized follow-up message to make sure that your contact has gone through the initial message.
  3. If the reply to the follow-up message is positive, create two specific outreach emails whereby in one, give the PDF attached. The other should be a follow-up message after they click on the PDF, which should be scheduled after one or two days.
  • Social Media Growth-hack to Create and Increase Brand Awareness

This is another great outreach campaign idea to promote your brand upfront through social media. You can use Facebook to re-target the existing connections.

Here is how it goes:

  1. Personally message the suitable contacts from your exported list asking if they would want to receive a free offering created by you. Follow-up with another message if you do not see a reply. If the reply is positive, send your offer, explain it to them and ask for suggestions or feedback.

  2. Connect your automation tool to your Facebook ads custom audience and collect all the required information for the success of your outreach campaign. 

  3. Design an attractive ad or a banner that can be put up on Facebook. Add a CTA (Call to Action) for your contacts to reciprocate through that ad. The CTA should contain a link that leads to a page where your offer is explained and the contacts can move forward to invest in that.
  • Get Maximum Replies With Personalization Outreach Idea for LinkedIn 

In this method, you need to design a hyper-personalized GIF (Graphics Interchange Format). The GIF template needs to be designed in such a way that automation helps it to get personalized against every different user. 

  1. Use your automation tool account to personalize your LinkedIn outreach. 
  2. Upload a customized GIF or image. 
  3. You can now add shapes, apps, logos, websites and more to customize and personalize your visual media. 


This is how you can export your LinkedIn contacts and use them to power your outreach directly. For, pitching your ideas and grabbing their interest is a lot easier than with the new contacts.

But there are a couple of crucial points that you need to keep in mind for the outreach campaign. Following these two points can add to the success of your campaign. Moreover, it would also provide a smooth experience with LinkedIn and its corresponding automation tools.

  • As you export the contacts from your LinkedIn account, you would have a pre-established target market to pitch your ideas to. You would need to differentiate them according to suitable criteria and create an email list before launching a full-blown campaign. Once it is done, you can reach them through emails or use an automated tool for sending personalized messages.

  • Keep your focus on the content you deliver to your contacts. They should find the right kind of interest to invest in the pitch you have provided to them. Make an offer they cannot refuse. Again, it should be relevant to your audience’s interest. You can make use of automation tools to create this content since these tools come with advanced options for content creation. They specifically target the required audience and personalize every message according to their interests and your needs. 

Kickstart your campaigns with the right audience by your side and see your business growing.

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