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How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

Endorsements on LinkedIn is one such feature that users can use to influence their connections’ profiles. This involves endorsing specific skills of their connections, which shows up on their profile and can be displayed to their page visitors. This is certainly the best way to support someone’s aptitude and experience while initiating a healthy business relationship. It is a small but important part of a LinkedIn profile that helps in maximizing your reach. Research says you are likely to get 17times more profile views if you have at least 5 skill endorsements. More are your LinkedIn endorsements, more people will trust you.

LinkedIn endorsements can be found when you log into your LinkedIn account. It usually comes up with suggestions saying whether you would like to take some of the skills mentioned in your account and endorse them with some of your connections. This is an inbuilt feature of the platform that prompts you to endorse your contacts automatically, providing you with several options to do it.  However, there are also ways to endorse someone without being prompted and this can be done by simply going to their profile and identify the skills you want to endorse. In short, LinkedIn endorsements help you avoid writing huge recommendations while connecting with another person.

If you are still figuring out how to endorse someone on LinkedIn, simply check their skill set, match it according to your criteria, endorse them by hitting the “endorse” button.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

Endorsing someone on LinkedIn would not just help them but also help your profile grow. If you do that with proper knowledge base and understanding, your reputation would be bolstered. However, endorsing everyone including those who do not even possess a particular skill is meaningless and would never earn any credit.

Endorsing the right people on LinkedIn would also help you to get yourself endorsed by other users thus enhancing your reach and your profile’s display. So the key to endorsing other people on LinkedIn is, to be honest. This eventually helps your profile too.

Here’s how to endorse people and have healthy endorsements on LinkedIn. All you need to do is simply login to your profile and follow the below steps:

  • As you log in, go to the profile of the person you want to endorse for his/her skills. Scroll down to the “Skills and Endorsements” section on their profile and select and endorse the skill they excel at.
endorsements on LinkedIn
  • This can be done by clicking on the plus “+” sign present alongside the skill. Simply choose the skill you want to endorse and click on the plus sign to endorse the particular user.
endorse skills on linkedIn
  • As soon as you click the plus “+” sign, a pop-up would come out on the screen, whereby you can select the extent of skilfulness the person has alongside filling out a couple of more details. After you are done filling up the details, press the “Submit” button to successfully endorse the connection.
how to endorse skills on LinkedIn

Keep in mind, this is the same way other users would endorse you. Hence, be very careful and honest while endorsing people.

Ways to Get Endorsements on LinkedIn

Getting endorsements on LinkedIn can be tricky at times. Since there are a lot of skills that you can add, selecting and categorizing them according to the needs is a tedious task. To attract maximum endorsements, you would need to mention relevant and honest skills on your profile. Mention the top skills to attract maximum endorsements.

Still, thinking about how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn? Well, here are some tricks to attract more endorsements thus enhancing the quality of your profile.

• Endorse Other Professionals

A quick and easy method of getting endorsements back is by endorsing your fellow friends and colleagues. Consider their skill set from the time they have worked with you and show how they perform. Looking across so many skills and endorsing the right ones can be difficult at times. So just try checking the top skills which they have mentioned just like you and endorse them accordingly for an endorsement in return since known people are likely to return the good deed you are doing to them.

• Stay Active and Publish Content

Writing and publishing articles, actively commenting on conversations, and doing active stuff throughout LinkedIn increases your chances of getting endorsed. You can make extensive use of CTA or Call to Action for the viewers who are reading through your articles and ask them to endorse you for the skills you have shown to compose the particular piece. Consistently being active and publishing content throughout is a great way to attract the crowd that can help endorse your profile.

• Ask for Endorsements

Being straightforward at times can be helpful. You can straightaway ask your friends and colleagues to endorse you on LinkedIn. This is by far the most effective way to get endorsed and have a better reach to potential employers. Make healthy connections and reach out to them personally and ask for endorsements.

Keep in mind that you should never spam people with generic messages asking for an endorsement. Excessively spamming or reaching out to too many users unnecessarily may result in your account getting suspended from LinkedIn due to malicious activities.

Now that you know how to get LinkedIn endorsements, you can start enhancing your profile, reach out to more users, and have active and interactive sessions on LinkedIn. Having a “99+” endorsement mark on your profile is considered to be a huge milestone for a LinkedIn user. It defines how efficient you are as an employee and also enhances your reputation before other people including potential recruiters and employers.

Again, here we have some extra tips that you can use to ask for appropriate endorsements from your fellow mates.

  • Reach out to leads, colleagues and friends that are active on LinkedIn. This would increase your chances of getting endorsed since their activeness would benefit you.

  • Personalize your messages to avoid getting spammed. Use instances where you have worked together and the other person was a part when you achieved some feat. This would highlight your strong points.

  • Exchanging endorsements on LinkedIn is a very positive way of connecting with positive individuals. Endorse them back to create a strong bond through an online platform like LinkedIn.

  • Respect and acknowledge the ones that endorse you. Since not everyone would endorse you given the connections you have, consider thanking the ones that endorse you for a good relationship.

This is how to get more endorsements on LinkedIn, which will help your profile look valid, credible, and attractive to potential recruiters.

LinkedIn Endorsements vs LinkedIn Recommendations

Though both LinkedIn endorsements and LinkedIn recommendations sound a lot similar, actually they are not. They have certain points that make them different from each other. Both of them have separate impacts on how your profile is judged and how another person, be it a colleague, a recruiter, or a friend, analyzes your working capabilities. Here is what makes these two different.

LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn endorsement is a tag provided to your profile by other users, which enhances its quality, credibility, and ultimately its reach. Endorsements have the power to send strong messages about your qualities that are verified by your friends and colleagues.

Proper endorsements can help you go a long way considering the professional side of the job culture. It also helps to create healthy connections with other people. Thus, to keep having these endorsements coming your way, always highlight your honest and appropriate skills and do not forget to mark the top skills to make your profile stand out.

For adequate endorsements, you would need to have proper connections with your friends and colleagues on LinkedIn. Only the people you have close connections with can provide strong backing and hence an effective endorsement.

Further, if you have proper knowledge of how to endorse someone on LinkedIn, you would know what all tactics are required for a successful endorsement. You would also know the steps that should be taken to get yourself endorsed for better reach, career growth and development.

As soon as you reach the 99+ mark of endorsements on LinkedIn, you can analyze your profile and find out the strong points of your career. This would help you identify your top skills alongside the impact that you have made while working for a company and while working with other colleagues.

LinkedIn Recommendations

A LinkedIn recommendation generally means describing all the skills your contact has and the experience they have gained, if any. Recommendations are a place where you are open to telling a story about the job life of the person you are talking about. Remember to highlight every attractive aspect of his/her journey and avoid leaving spaces while writing a recommendation to avoid discontinuity.

Keep in mind to highlight all the strong points of your contact’s abilities by mentioning the top skills they have, the communicative talents they possess, and every other point that can enhance their overall career growth.

If you are the one that is seeking any kind of LinkedIn recommendations, ask people you know and have worked in close vicinity. They would be the best candidates for accurate recommendations which can highlight all your strong points along with the achievements you have collected over time.

When you find that a colleague or some other LinkedIn connection liked working with you on a particular project, ask them to give a recommendation. This would help you reach greater heights as people who have experience working with you can provide excellent recommendations.

Asking for LinkedIn recommendations is quite similar to asking for endorsements. But, in this case, you need to be more specific about your skills while you ask for them. Whoever you ask for recommendations should be clear about everything, including your skills and experience. Only with a proper explanation of your career path, can the person put up an effective recommendation that would help you crack difficult recruiters and soar to new heights.

Benefits of Linkedin Endorsements

There are a lot of added benefits that come with having a proper Linkedin endorsement. Endorsements prove to be a powerful weapon that shapes your profile for the highest stage and gets your career a much-needed boost. Here are some of the common benefits that LinkedIn endorsements can give you:

1. Easy Testimonial

The endorsements you have on your Linkedin profile can easily be considered as one-click testimonials. It tells a lot about how you have performed in your job and what experiences you have alongside mentioning all the key skills and achievements you have gained. A proper endorsement on your profile lets you display your best self. With a lot of endorsements, you can also establish healthy connections with other people across the Linkedin platform including high-level officials, recruiters, employers, and other colleagues.

2. Quite Convenient

It is quite a convenient method to support other fellow Linkedin users. Writing long paragraphs of recommendations are often tiring and boring. On the flip side, endorsements are a great way to cut short that time. They are a shorter format of recommendations whereby you can explain all the skills a person have through just keywords. Hence, Linkedin endorsements are a lot more convenient for highlighting the skills of your fellow mates, which also saves a lot of time and effort.

3. Enhanced Reach

Endorsements usually consist of specific keywords that help to increase the reach of your Linkedin profile among potential recruiters and employers. Every time you endorse a specific skill, your reach automatically increases among other users. This gives a lot of positive exposure, something an employee needs throughout. Also, it lets you build good connections with other LinkedIn users and develop a network where you can be a prime figure. Endorsing other users also shows how supportive you are, thus increasing the chances of getting that favor back in return.

4. Active Presence

As you keep on endorsing other users’ skills, your activity on this platform increases throughout, which in turn helps you develop and grow your profile as well alongside the overall knowledge you gain by connecting with other people. Recommendations and endorsements are a great way to actively participate throughout the platform. You would also never miss out on a chance to get the same in return since this platform promotes healthy and useful connections.

How to Use LinkedIn Automation for Endorsements?

Automation is the force that is driving the world these days. While asking your friends and colleagues directly to endorse you can be helpful, but messaging them individually and reminding them of the same can be a tedious task. Here is when LinkedIn automation can help you out. It is a feature-rich tool created to automatically send connection requests, personalized messages, and much more to your contacts made on LinkedIn.

Here we have explained the various steps that you need to follow to launch the LinkedIn automation process and create an exciting endorsement invite for yourself.

  • Log into the LinkedIn app and go to the automation section from your profile.
  • As you enter the automation section, you would find an option to launch a simple messenger campaign that sends personalized messages with attractive templates to your contacts.
  • Next LinkedIn will ask your permission to access your LinkedIn contacts to whom the message needs to be sent. You can choose the message to be sent to all of your contacts, or select the contacts that can potentially endorse you.
  • Once the contacts are exported into the LinkedIn messaging list, you can filter the required ones based on their name, job title, company, and much more. It would be helpful if you filter the outreach audience first and give them the maximum priority so that the automated tools send them the first messages for better and maximum results.
  • Here, your contacts are uploaded as a CSV file. Do not forget to match the name keys for proper verification. Once this is done, you can move ahead and import the file. It will be uploaded and you would have to send this particular CSV file for further processing.
  • Finally, when your CSV file is processed, your contacts would be ready to receive the messages based on what you send them.
  • You can then proceed to select the messaging templates alongside the contacts you want to send them to as you ask for endorsements through LinkedIn automation.


Endorsements in LinkedIn are a genuine way to enhance how your profile is displayed to other people. It significantly opens a world full of opportunities for you, bringing you closer to more influential people. These endorsements on your LinkedIn account work as anchors to strengthen the pillars of your career and enhance it in a manner that potential recruiters would want to connect with you.

Though it might seem to be a time-consuming process, in general, it is not. Now with the inclusion of the LinkedIn automation services, it has become easier. You just need to select a template from the range of predefined templates. Write an engaging message, something that would catch the attention of others. Use this message in the selected template and launch it through the automated messaging service. Every selected contact would receive that for endorsing your LinkedIn profile.

However, when you want to endorse someone on LinkedIn, always do it honestly and only after you know if their mentioned skills are relevant and credible. Endorsing everyone meaninglessly would not gain you anything. Instead, honest and quality endorsements can earn you something in return.

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