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Deal with Linkedin 100 connections requests restriction

LinkedIn 100 connections requests restriction

Lately, Linkedin has Restricted 100 connection requests per week.

Quick math = 5 working days * 20 connections per day = 100 connections.

The restrictions are a little odd since it applies to Premium and Sales Navigator.

There are some solutions out there. Let’s talk about them.

1). Invite via email

As for now, Linkedin allows you to connect people via their email addresses.

However, there are a few problems with that approach:

– You need to pay for every email address, and it’s not 100% the correct email – that can be costly.

– The invitation looks a little weird and fishy since your name doesn’t appear in it:

manage invitations on linkedin

As you can see, there is no name, just an email address.

2). Use InMails

InMails can be very good. Some Prospects with SN / Premium accounts allow you to send them InMail for free.

The problem? Most prospects are not, And this can also become expensive when trying to scale it.

3). Automate more accounts – The Linvo Way.

Linvo supports multiple accounts automation.

With every account you add, you can automate 20 more connections per day.

Automate five accounts, and you can get 100 connections per day.

Do you have co-workers? Automate their account.

Friends? Family? Go for it.

While most automation tools charge $100+ for their tools, with Linvo, you can get four accounts for that price.

And here is a quick secret, use the coupon “LINVO20” and get an account for $20 per month.

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