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Deal with Linkedin 100 connections requests restriction

LinkedIn 100 connections requests restriction

Lately, LinkedIn has significantly reduced the number of connections a particular account can make in a week. The current restrictions have made it quite hard for the users since the limit has been slashed down to 100 a week. Mathematically, this amounts to around 20-25 connections per day if 5 working days are considered for a week. People are getting this limit regardless of whether they use LinkedIn Sales Navigator or not. Though having premium accounts help, there are various hacks that can be used to skip these restrictions and bypass the limit.

How is the Current Connection Request Limits Affecting Users?

The latest connection request limits by LinkedIn are greatly affecting the salespeople and marketers who are totally dependent on leads for their business. It is also affecting the users who are using this platform to grow in their domain and looking to expand their inner professional network. Many marketing professionals are running automated programs on LinkedIn mainly through connection requests. Now with LinkedIn restricting the weekly limit to 100 has made it difficult for all these users. They are falling short of meeting their regular goals, which is impacting their professional growth.

Actually, LinkedIn has taken this step to promote its premium services. It wants its users to use In Mails and its premium version more. However, In Mails are mostly ineffective for most users. Also, sending In Mails to a huge list of leads can prove to be very expensive in the long run, which will eventually hinder the progress of marketers as they won’t be able to expand with full might. Further, it will become difficult for them to put their strategies in place, which will directly affect their growth and business development.

On What Basis LinkedIn Decides the Weekly Limits?

There are many reasons behind LinkedIn’s weekly limit. Most of these reasons are undisclosed. However, there are mainly two reasons that LinkedIn usually highlights, which are as follows:

  • The first reason being those users who send way too many invitations in a short period of time. LinkedIn constantly tracks the activities of such users and once they start overusing their accounts, LinkedIn bars them from using their account further.

  • The other reason is those users who send too many requests and a majority of them get turned down or ignored. LinkedIn stops these accounts from sending further invitations or connection requests. 

Substitute Tricks to Evade the LinkedIn Connection Request Limitations

Here’s a list of alternative techniques that you can use to evade the connection request limitation set by LinkedIn.

1). Invite via email

As for now, Linkedin allows you to connect people via their email addresses.

However, there are a few problems with that approach:

– You need to pay for every email address, and it’s not 100% the correct email – that can be costly.

– The invitation looks a little weird and fishy since your name doesn’t appear in it:

manage invitations on linkedin

As you can see, there is no name, just an email address.

2). Use In Mails

In Mails can be very good. Some Prospects with SN / Premium accounts allow you to send them In Mail for free.

The problem? Most prospects are not, And this can also become expensive when trying to scale it.

3). Premium/Sales Navigator

If you are a regular LinkedIn user looking to meet targets and scale new heights with this platform, a restriction on connection requests might prove costly to you. Hence, buying a premium account or a Sales Navigator account for LinkedIn would be quite beneficial to complete your daily tasks. It has many advantages for the professionals and can meet all the costs incurred.

With a premium account or a Sales Navigator account, users can send up to 800 free In Mails to other open premium accounts. The best part about using Sales Navigator is that almost 99% of the premium accounts are open. So you can easily make as many connections as you want.

4). Use Email Finders

This is one of the most effective and cheapest methods of avoiding the restrictions set by LinkedIn on connection requests. Email finders are an efficient method to find the communication details of a particular LinkedIn user, be it personal or professional. The best part about using email finders is you do not even have to connect directly on LinkedIn to access the communication details of another user. Anything is accessible starting from phone number to email address.

Professionals are always actively using their emails. Hence, sending a well-constructed email would never go in vain. It has a high chance of getting opened with a proper reply. Today, there are many top-rated email finders available on the web to find out the official and personal details of the users.

5). Request for More LinkedIn Connection Requests

If the above-mentioned ideas do not suit your plan and you do not find them feasible, you can always contact the LinkedIn support team directly. You can contact them and request more connection requests depending upon your requirement. The chances of getting the response are quicker for the premium users than the normal ones and you are sure to receive a response from their support team.

Typically the response time spans from 2 to 4 working days. The only problem with this method is that you can only send this kind of request after 30 days. 

6). Do not Depend on a Single Channel for Lead Generation

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is one of the best platform for lead generation. Since it has its restrictions in place, depending just on it can limit your regular workflow, affecting your growth and development.

A quick solution to this problem is to make full use of other platforms that work in a similar style to that of LinkedIn. You can also use various social media platforms to help with lead generation. Many people are available on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and connecting on these platforms is quite hassle-free. With your active presence on these platforms, you do not need to solely depend on LinkedIn and can expand your connections across different mediums.

7). Ask Other Users to Invite You

One of the most effective methods to connect with other LinkedIn users is to ask them to directly invite you. You can personally ask your potential connections to send you an invite by sending them your link and email address for communicating. This is an effective method but should only be considered as a last option. 

8). Connect with Qualified and Targeted Contacts from Your CRM

Linvo helps you connect directly with your CRM. It supports Zapier integration. This allows you to push contacts into your marketing campaigns. It also syncs the contacts directly into your running campaigns. This kind of automation not only speeds up your lead generation process but also streamlines your campaigns.

9). Endorse Connections

The right way of having more request connections is by automatically endorsing the top three skills of the first-degree contacts and attracting their attention. This provides a smooth line of more connection requests.

10). Auto Follow

Linvo helps you to automatically follow like-minded users on LinkedIn and improves your feed. As a result, you get daily updates on the content other users are posting on LinkedIn. 

11). Send Invites to Contacts More Active on LinkedIn

Save your weekly connection request count by sending invitations to only those who are active on LinkedIn. Usually, premium LinkedIn users are more active. Sending invitations to dormant accounts is a total waste with limitations in place and will only lead to account restrictions/suspensions. 

How can Linvo Help you Surpass LinkedIn Connection Request Limitation?

Linvo is among the best LinkedIn automation tools available in the market. It extensively bolsters your performance on LinkedIn and helps you grow and expand for better professional development. The best part about this automation tool is it allows multiple profiles from a single dashboard, allowing 80 actions per day per account, perfectly dodging the 100 requests per week limitation. With Linvo, it is quick and smooth. Here is a quick method of building your workflow with Linvo:

  • You have the option to engage with your existing connections as well as new ones.
  • You can create a dedicated workflow and can focus on your other important tasks. Linvo runs in the background as per the set workflow.
  • Set the required process and Linvo does the rest for you.

Linvo supports multiple accounts automation. With every account you add, you can automate 20 more connections per day.

Automate five accounts, and you can get 100 connections per day.

Do you have co-workers? Automate their account.

Friends? Family? Go for it.

While most automation tools charge $100+ for their tools, with Linvo, you can get four accounts for that price.

And here is a quick secret, use the coupon “LINVO20” and get an account for $20 per month.


LinkedIn connection request limitations are applicable to all users. Not only do these limitations stop you from expanding your professional network on LinkedIn but also hinder your personal and professional growth. Though you can use premium versions, they can be a bit expensive as they don’t provide all the benefits but charge a lot. On the other hand, using automation tools like Linvo opens you to a plethora of hacks and tricks that you can implement to bypass these limitations and use LinkedIn to its full potential. These tricks are fully tested and safe and won’t affect your profile in any manner.


How do I lift the weekly invitation limit on LinkedIn?

You can use various automation tools like Linvo to access different hacks and get over your weekly invitation limit or wait until the next week.

When will I be able to invite again?

 If you have reached your weekly limit of inviting other users on LinkedIn, you will have to wait until the next week for a fresh set of invitations. To cut out on this waiting period, you can use Linvo to increase your weekly limit.

Will there be a limit again after it is lifted?

Every week a fresh set of invitation limit is set. As you reach the limit for a week, it will be reset next week.

Does withdrawing the long-pending invites help?

Withdrawing the long-pending invites do help in increasing the number of invitations in a week. But the number of days does not change in any manner as set by LinkedIn, indicating the end of the week.

Will the restriction harm your image on LinkedIn?

No, it won’t harm your image on the platform as these restrictions are levied on all free users.

Will LinkedIn notify me when the restrictions end?

LinkedIn does notify you about the ending of restrictions. It refreshes your account every week and you can start again accordingly.

Does restricting invitations on LinkedIn mean I'm banned?

Account restriction does not mean that you are banned. It is applied when you send too many invitations in a short period or if your invitations are ignored and pending. These restrictions are shortly lifted afterwards.

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