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How to Connect with Anyone on LinkedIn?

How to Connect with Anyone on LinkedIn?

Professionals today prefer LinkedIn over any other social media. The reasons are very clear. They get better prospective connections that spread over multiple industries and are available to get connected. Hence, this maximizes their reach and paves way for better opportunities. But how to get started on this platform? Well, a LinkedIn connection request is all that it takes to initiate a conversation. But this platform cannot be informally used like people use Facebook or Instagram. This is a platform that promotes professional networks and aims to build business relationships. So there are certain limitations, etiquettes, and rules that you are expected to maintain while you start connecting with people on LinkedIn.

In this blog, we will highlight the best ways of crafting LinkedIn network messages to expand your reach. This will help you connect to people who do not exist in your connection circle. However, making connections on LinkedIn might seem harder in the starting, but it will get easier in the meanwhile.

How do you connect on LinkedIn?

As a beginner, you might have wondered about the best ways to connect on LinkedIn. There can be connections that are almost unreachable when your profile is not established but are of great benefit for your professional journey. So how to add them to your professional network? It takes time to connect with such people and you can take your time to go through their profiles individually before sending them connection requests.

There are certain algorithms followed by LinkedIn where the degree of connection is used to determine if you can connect with them. If you are a relatively newer profile, you can easily send LinkedIn connect messages to 1st and 2nd degree connections. However, the accessibility to sending connection requests to 3rd degree connects scale down massively for a new user. As you establish your visibility on the platform, your chances of connecting with all three degrees improve.

Here are certain ways on how to send a connect message on LinkedIn:

  1. Hit the connect button on their profile directly
profile linkedin

      2. Check out their profile from the search results that are provided to you.

linkedin profile

         3. Grow your network page by adding an email address for better reach.

account access

          4. Use the in-built LinkedIn features like People You May Know.

in-built LinkedIn features

           5. Browse the user profiles individually.

What do 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mean on LinkedIn?

When you are browsing through LinkedIn, you will come across multiple profiles that will have certain symbols attached to them. It is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd categorization done to their profile. This is also a degree of how easily you can establish connections with them. When you are aiming to send LinkedIn invitation messages, you can filter the profiles as per these gradings. Like this, you will also know which is the best profile to connect with.

Here is what these degrees of connections mean on the platform:

Linkedin invitation messages
connect linkedin
  • First degree/ 1st degree- These profiles can be directly or are already connected through any profile that is active on the platform. This connection has been built either when you have accepted their invitation or have sent them an invitation. The LinkedIn message tool can be directly used to send them messages.
  • Second degree/ 2nd degree- These are the connections that you find directly connected with the first degree connections present on your profile. You can directly send them LinkedIn messages for networking.
  • Third degree/ 3rd degree- The third degree connections are connected to your second degree connections. You might not always be able to connect to them directly. Hence, you can always drop them a good LinkedIn connect message or email them to bring the profiles closer to yours.

Also, you will find many profiles that do not have any degrees or numbers assigned to them. In these cases, they can only be reached through email. But, if they are present in any group as you are, you will have the privilege to message them and directly establish a connection with them.

8 best LinkedIn connection request templates for all occasions

Today there are many ways by which users are personalizing their connection requests. They think that these 300 characters are going to make a great impact and they are absolutely not wrong. When you are connecting with somebody whom you have not known otherwise, it is always advisable to try better ways to reinforce that relationship. These templates below will give you an idea of what to write in a LinkedIn invitation and how to make the user accept your connection request.


1. A colleague

Every human wants to get noticed at some point in their lives and this can be easily done by sending a personalized LinkedIn connect message. When you are connecting with any colleague or coworker whom you know, you can always start by mentioning their strengths, interests, and the projects they have assisted in. This is one of the best ways to start a healthy online engagement and give a morale boost to the individual. You can always go around endorsing the individual’s skills and achievements on the platform and write a very thoughtful LinkedIn recommendation. This can be a great start for both you and your colleague.

Linkedin connect message for colleague

2. A new colleague

Connecting with a new colleague will be hesitant in the first go, mainly because the person is quite unfamiliar to you and your work environment. To begin the conversation, you can talk about the recent role that they landed in your organization and congratulate them on that. You can compliment them on their diligence and let them know how much you know about their job role. You can even mention how much your position resonates with them if it does at all. But keep in mind to keep yourself reserved for this might be the very first time you are connecting with them and things should not get awkward for them.

linkedin connect message for a new colleague

3. A former co-worker

Everyone can’t remember if you had ever worked with them. And if it is a fairly larger organization, chances are less that you will have access to a large connection base. You can even find your connection requests getting denied if you have just worked there for a year or two. To fix this, you can use this LinkedIn message template and describe in detail when, where, and how you have worked with them.

connect message for A former co-worker​

4. Someone you've known casually

It is tough to personalize the connection messages for anybody whom you’ve known through your other friends. It seems a bit too professional to connect with a person you have met at your friend’s party a year back. In these cases, it is advisable to speak to them in a friendly tone. Try acknowledging their career instead of the party that you had met them at before because the platform demands professionalism.

message for Someone you've known casually​

5. Someone you've met at a networking event

When you are meeting new faces at a networking event, you only get a handful of time to strike a conversation and exchange contact details. So, when you are getting back to them over LinkedIn, it is necessary that you remind them of where you have met previously to strike their memory. Also, do not forget about mentioning your reason for connecting with them. The best way around is you keeping a record and track of their career so that you can suggest meeting them up for conversations. You can discuss projects, trading tips, meet newer connections, inform each other about open job positions, and other industry news. To strike the right chords with your conversation, refer to our below sample message to connect on LinkedIn.

Someone you've met at a networking event​

6. Someone you admire

You cannot always send a LinkedIn connection request message to a total stranger all of a sudden. It is a tricky job and the probability lies majorly in the stranger rejecting your request. Hence, you need to make your motive of connecting very clear. Point out their specific projects or achievements to have them have faith in you. You can clearly mention any piece of information that you are expecting to find out from them or if you want to help them out with a project they are stuck in.

someone you admire

7. Someone in the same LinkedIn group

LinkedIn has multiple groups specified for industries or job seekers and employers. You might be part of one such group and notice one profile posting unique insights and articles frequently. You might want to connect with that individual and send one of such best notes for a LinkedIn connection and have them connected instantly.

Someone in the same LinkedIn group

8. A recruiter

You should be connecting to the recruiters with whom you have something in common. They might be a mutual connection, present in the same professional group or even participated in a professional networking event with you. In case you do not have anything in common, try joining one of the groups the recruiter is actively present in.

for recuirter


LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most powerful social media platforms for professionals globally. It is built up of some robust tools and features that help you establish great connections within a very short period. You just need to know how to make the most out of this platform by understanding it to the core. There are separate strategies that you need to make to connect with various degree connections. In case any of the connections fall beyond the third degree connections, it is advisable to drop them an email and great LinkedIn connection messages for making the request impactful.


Should you connect with anyone on LinkedIn?

It is very impulsive to send connections to any relevant profile that we come across. In that course we might or might not know them and sending the requests to anybody is not preferred on LinkedIn. You must send requests to only those profiles and individuals whom you have known personally or have some sort of a connection in between. You can also connect with individuals with whom you have shared personal interests. Also, try associating with the profiles that might be mutually beneficial and not just for increasing the connection count.

What happens when you reach 1000 connections on LinkedIn?

There are no alterations made to the profiles if you are reaching 1000 connections or even exceeding them. The number of connections alone cannot change the status of your profile and there are other parameters required. Your account gets more credibility with more viable connections. You are shown as a profile that is more involved in the professional communities as compared to others.

Can I send a message to multiple people?

Yes, you can send the same message to multiple contacts on the platform, without even involving a lot of work. When you start typing out, you can type out multiple recipient names on the recipient bar and type out the message and send it at once. You can keep typing the names till the time you think you have added all of them.

Can I send a voice message?

With the newly added features, it is now possible to send voice messages as well as pre-recorded messages on LinkedIn. For sending it, you need to enter the chat window of the individual you want to leave the message with. You will find a paperclip icon right next to the typing window. Tap on it and tap on the “record audio” option. Tap the record button to record your voice message. When done, tap the stop button and send the message to the designated individual.

Can I report inappropriate messages?

You can report inappropriate messages or an entire conversation on Linkedin. You need to tap on the messaging icon present on top of the LinkedIn homepage and select the conversation you want to report. Tap on the “More” icon present on top of the page and click on “Report the conversation”. Choose the right option for why you are reporting it and follow the instructions present on-screen. Then press “submit” to proceed with the request.

How do I view the profile of someone I'm messaging?

When messaging someone, you can see their profile photo above their chat screen. Tap on the photo and you will be directly redirected to their profile.

Do LinkedIn requests expire?

Yes, LinkedIn connection requests do expire after a period of six months. In case the profiles have not responded to your connection requests within that time span, try reconnecting again. You can also send them an email stating about your connection request and why you wanted to connect to them. This will expedite the process of connecting with the profiles you want, without having to worry about your request getting expired.

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