Who are we?

Nevo, Who are you?

I have spent most of my life as an engineer doing 9-5 and got a pretty good salary (you have too, after a decade).

There I was not satisfied with my daily routine full of thoughts and ideas of business opportunities.

One day I just snapped, quit my job, and became an entrepreneur.

I started my own business, and something new happened to me that I was not used to as an engineer.

I started to struggle in a way I didn’t know before.

I just couldn’t get enough demos, meetings, and sales.

And the first thing I did, like most people, was a quick course for PPC marketing (Google / Facebook), created my campaigns, and… nothing, honestly, nothing (selling SaaS is complicated).

I heard podcasts about some big companies with a huge customer acquisition cost of $90 – $150 to get a user (not even a paying one).

I was shocked.

Is it even possible to acquire customers with my own personal money?

I was introduced to a friend that told me about Linkedin outreach, and boy… that changed everything.

I got five meetings in just one week.

I decided to drop everything I knew and focus on Linkedin outreach.

This is why I have created Linvo.

Nevo David @ CEO at Linvo.

Win Linkedin today.
Generate more leads, sales and revenue.