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5 ways to cope with LinkedIn new restrictions

5 ways to cope with LinkedIn new restrictions

As you most probably know, LinkedIn new restrictions have rolled out in regards to the number of connection requests per week.
It means that the ability to grow one’s network has been damaged considerably.

The holy grail of all solutions is to actually grow the amount of connection requests per the chosen profile.
Unfortunately, that’s under the full control of LinkedIn, hence we cannot control it externally.

There are a few ways to cope with it:

Invite through the emails

LinkedIn allows for you to connect with people given you have their email.
The mechanics of it is that you upload the emails and bulk request to connect.

Upside – it’s working

Downside – it’s not really working.

I don’t know how versed you are in getting work email or private emails but most of the tools out there (including, nymeria and others) have about 10-15% coverage.

It means that out of 100 prospects they will only give you 15 CORRECT ones.

Moreover, you will be charged for those, which makes it a very expensive method of connecting.

Add people from your team

Do a team effort to connect.
Each member can help with 100 connections per week.
Upside – Works
Downsides – Drags privacy issues, capped, limited in the ability to reply.

Use the free inMail option

Some prospects have the premium free InMail option which allows for you to send them a message even when not connected.
This is highly limited as the prospects need to pre-configure this to be open and own a premium account

Send message to group members

If a user is a member of a group you are the admin of – you can send them a direct message.
Again this is suboptimal as some users won’t join the group and it also requires you to maintain a group with relevant content, etc…

Add virtual accounts

You can buy a virtual PVA (Phone Verified Account)  LinkedIn  account and activate it
It can be additional one for our real persona or for additional Avatars.
Upside – Relatively inexpensive, fast, reliable, scalable
Downside – Requires management (Which Avatar is connected to which profile, from which profile to send messages, etc)

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