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Reach Thousands Of Linkedin Prospects Every Day, Without Getting Blocked or Using a "Non Documented" Method.

(Putting Zero Risk At Your Personal Profile)

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There are no alternatives to Linvo

Today, there are two methods to get a higher outreach over Linkedin.

  1. Connect via email.
  2. Use an undocumented approach that will get you banned.

It doesn’t matter which solution you take. In the end, you risk your personal profile of being banned by Linkedin.

We have a better solution that is already implemented by thousands of marketing agencies and SMBs.

That gives you an unlimited amount of outreach every day.

It can be 100 connections per day, 1000 connections per day, 10,000 connections per day.

Do we need to continue?

You also can’t get your personal profile blocked.

Spill it out, what's the secret?

Control all your accounts from one place.

Why is Linvo rocking the
LinkedIn Automation Software market?

The safesest tool in the world

Our algorithem mimics human movement and clicks to keep you safe.
We also provide a dedicated ip for each account.

One place to rule them all

Linvo allows you to manage all your accounts and inboxes from one place without switching between them.

Better actions

Linvo allows you to create an entire workflow of connecting, messaging, endorsing, liking, and visiting prospects' profiles.

Most comprehensive coverage

Our system gives information on every action you do on Linkedin.
Full Analytics.

Perfect for Sales

Get more meetings and access top executives to achieve your goals.

Perfect for Marketers

Generate more leads, invite to webinars, promote your brand.

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Perfect for HRs

Get more interviews and approach more candidates with Linvo.

We Optimized LinkedIn Limitation

Use multiple Linkedin accounts

With Linvo you can manage all your accounts and accounts campaigns from one place. Without "switching".

On top filters to get a better targeting

It is known that opposite attracts.
Linvo analyzes your prospect's gender and age. So you can get the best targeting for your account.

Smart actions spreading

Safety is our top priority. Linvo mimics the human movement and click, uses a dedicated proxy for every account, and randomize your actions.​

What are customers say about Linvo

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We Optimized LinkedIn Limitation

Win Linkedin today.
Generate more leads, sales and revenue.


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